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Posted by mike_kelly | Sep 26, 2014 @ 09:01 AM | 24,016 Views


I choose APM over other flight controllers because of the ability to do waypoints (cheaply). This is dependent on the telemetry link, usually provided by the 915 mHZ 3DR radios that keep your computer in contact with the aircraft and can upload changes to the flight plan and receive status information about the location and speed etc.

But if you start to get into long range radio control systems like Dragonlink or EZUHF the telemetry radios may not be able to keep up with the range of the UHF radio control.

So I have been looking for a long range solution for telemetry that will keep up with a UHF (LRS) long range radio control system.

One inexpensive long range solution for radio control is the OpenLRS system designed by Flytron (http://flytron.com) an Open-Source Long range radio system running on 433mHZ. This system was copied and produced in high volume by Hobbyking marketed as the HK Orange OpenLRS 433. They make modules to fit Futaba and JR radios. Since the Hobbyking 9XR and FrSky Taranis also support JR transmit modules this includes those radios too. Hobbyking makes OpenLRS modules that are 1 watt or 100mw. https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...mpatible_.html

So Hobbyking drove the price down to the point the modules go for less than $30 each. Very attractive compared to other LRS systems that go for $200 a module.

Then came along FlipFlap, an RCGroups...Continue Reading
Posted by mike_kelly | Sep 16, 2014 @ 08:14 PM | 8,115 Views
I live in a heavily forested area so I need to travel a ways to get to a flying field. After reading the threads on ground stations on various forums here is my idea. I used a rolling tool cart. It has 7" wheels so it will roll on uneven ground. It has a folding pull-handle like travel airline baggage. It is modular and you can disconnect the top tool box from the base and use it separately.

I am an APM/Mission Planner user and will always have my computer with me.
In the lid I put my computer monitor and next to it a second monitor for dual-computer displays. This way I can undock the mission planner windows and put the Heads up Display in one and the maps in the other. The second monitor can also be used for composite video out of the FPV Video Receiver.

The keyboard is bluetooth and stored in the drawer under the top tool box but there is room under the keyboard for tools and parts.

In the bottom is a big car battery that can charge my lipos and run the system. In the middle drawer space for my radios and goggles.

I am not finished yet but I am having a lot of fun with it.