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Posted by paintball_kidz | Oct 25, 2010 @ 07:56 PM | 6,548 Views
Ive been doing some mods to my parkzone radian lately to fit my needs for a ariel platform. This includes the ability
to mount the camera up front and not have the prop in the way, secondly adding wheels for landing on hard surfaces,
and adding carbon fibre to stiffen the plane up.

The componenets i am using in this radian are.

Scorpion 2215-18
GWS 9050DD
stock - E-flite 30amp
stock - pkz servos
spektrum ar6200
turnigy 1300mah20c - ordering some 3s2200mah30c soon

Total weight:

978g/34.5oz - plane lipo camera
768g/27oz - plane lipo
652g/23oz - plane

added video
Pkz Radian Mod for Aerial Photography platform (3 min 44 sec)

The major thing i did was make a motor mount to be used for a pusher prop style. I made this during my friends woodwork class
in about 10 minutes, there was no initial design or anything. I took out the heavy parkzone 480 motor(105g) and replaced
it with a scoprion 2215-18(62g) with a gws 9050DD i gave it a small test and it pushed out about 1000grams/35oz.

Some other things ive done.
Extra CF in here to help only the wings tight, and make this area more ridged.
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