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This is a preview of the JJRC X1G Quadcopter, which is available on Hobbywow. It is a 5.8 Ghz FPV model. Get it here:

I gathered some information on this product, and here are it's main features:

- It has a feature where the motors can idle at 80-100 % throttle. This is advertised proudly, although I do not quite understand the use of this feature. As this quadcopter is a little geared towards racing, perhaps it is useful so that at the beginning of a drone race, the quadcopter can get up to full speed pitch right away without having to build up momentum, meaning a faster start right off the blocks.

- Triple speed rates are also available in this quadcopter. So, you can dial the pitch and yaw up or down as you like, depending on where you are flying (Indoors or outside), how much wind there is (High rates can fight wind more effectively), and what type of flying you are aiming to do (Low rate for smoother footage, high rates for sports flying and racing). Although most quadcopters have multiple speeds, a lot only have two, so this one gives the flier more versatility with three speed options.

- This product is more for a flier with previous quadcopter experience looking to get into FPV racing. It is not geared towards first timers, and so, it does not have one key return, headless mode, or altitude hold. So, it will force the pilot to learn how to fly without depending on these features, which is excellent...Continue Reading
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I had a friend who bought a Drak and did not use the forward winglets/canard. So I saw the potential and quickly asked for them, he gladly gave them too me because he knew I could work some magic. So far this is what I've come up with so far. feel free to comment as this is a work in progress. If all go's well I do intend on adding micro fpv gear??
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Looking for an F4? Then the BlueJayF4 is for you - see BlueJayF4 thread

NERO is now available for purchase at:

More details on the boards here:
Betaflight Wiki

Name: nerorev1.jpg
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Moving to the next generation of processor speed, prototypes are being built for the using the F7 chip. Support for F7s has been added in BetaFlight 3.1 (thanks Sambas).

So far the Features / Specification is:
  • Runs Betaflight (from v3.1)
  • 3s-6s Lipo battery input - requires a piggy backed POLOLU (500ma or higher)
  • Buzzer output
  • Voltage Sensor (off battery input)
  • Has outputs for up to 8 ESCs (Remapping will allow clean builds - as outputs 7 and 8 are on the other side of the board)
  • Serial or PPM input (does not support individual PWM channel input)
  • MicroSD Card support for BlackBox
  • Three available hardware UART ports
  • Tactile button for booting to STM boot loader
  • Standard pin headers for the majority of connections
  • SWD via JST (on the base of the board - connector not fitted)
  • i2c available
  • SPI available via through hole micro pin header
  • CAN transceiver capable (will be fitted on initial batch - continued if desired)
  • Current sensor input via through hole micro pin header
  • STM32F722RE 32-bit processor at 216MHz, 512kb flash, 256kb ram (NEW from STM)
  • ICM-20602 MPU connected via SPI (
  • Micro USB connectivity using STM Virtual Communications Port
  • 36mm x 36mm (standard 30.5mm square mounting holes - to centre of hole)

A F7 mini version (without the SD Card, or Baro, but with a flash chip) will also be available (in a 20x20mm mounting format).
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During the last HK flash sale, they had frames for $1, so I picked up a couple. One of them was the Z700 V2 - pretty big frame for a Quad, nylon arms. There was some discussion on too much arm flex, so I ordered some carbon tubes to stiffen the arms some to stop the flexing. My idea was to use Quanum MT 5008 335KV motors, with large CF props, 15" to make a long flying-time Quad. The motors were way too big, and there was flex(twist) in the motor mounts when flying. Changed motors to Quanum MT 4108 700kv's which were better but way too much twisting on the motor mounts, causing massive vibration. So much vibration that 2x a motor disconnected a bullet connector while I was testing, and 2 crashes. The 2nd crash chipped a CF prop, and broke 2 landing gear legs. (F550 style landing legs) Needless to say...that frame is in the trash. What a colossal waste of time. Way too much flex with the arms made out of the nylon type 450/550 material. Do not buy this frame. Maybe it would work with much smaller motors, but with a span of 700mm, it should be able to swing large props with big motors.

Now on to the EXCELLENT frame, the X666 quad frame. This frame is the most stable quad frame I have ever put together. Super light, super rigid (metal arms, and it folds length ways. Downside? Stupid landing gear...(if you can call it that) and tiny middle plate to fit all the electronics. Here is what I have on it:
Pixhawk 2.4.8
X8R + Scotty Board
These...Continue Reading
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Hey guys, there is a new quadcopter coming out from Hobbywow that seems to be a fantastic package at a relatively good price. It's called the Tovosto Uluru 4K GPS Drone. Check it out here:

Here are it's main and interesting features:

- A specially designed mobile or tablet application that can be used for first person view, setting up some flight parameters, and of course, monitoring the telemetry coming from the drone. These include height, distance, speed, battery life, satellite lock, and some other important pieces of information.

- A high quality 3 cell, 11.1 Volt, 5400 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. This is stated to provide about 23 minutes of flight time. The charging time is not specified. This battery immediately reminded me of the Upair One battery, being that it is 5400 mAh and it is a cartridge style battery. It is shaped similarly as well, which leads me to believe it might be a rebranded battery.

- The transmitter is a high end style controller, similar in appearance to that of a DJI remote. There appears to be a frequency selector on the controller, which could definitely be useful when trying to get a good FPV stream on the app. A phone holder is also included, pre-mounted on the transmitter.

- The advertised range is 1000 metres. Although it might not be able to keep a steady fpv stream at one kilometre out, it should do just fine out to about 800 metres. The transmitter battery specs...Continue Reading
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What is sure to shake things up in the upcoming holiday drone wars is the Mavic Drone, the latest on DJI offerings. While it is not released yet, it does offer the ability to fold up for a more compact drone experience. What is revolutionary about this new set up is the way the camera is set up which is different then the previous releases by DJI. As the demand for smaller and more personalized drones becomes apparent, this will surely satisfied fans of DJI products and those who are on the fence. Here is more on this product:
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HK Mini Edge 540T EPP
See below for the parts i used. Yes it was a little expensive but money well spent sense the parts i used will last a long time and they have a good warranty.
Transmitter Spektrum DX8 Version 1 not the new DX8 that just came out.
Receiver Spektrum AR8000 with Satellite Receiver
Motor Scorpion 2215-1400 1400KV Motor
Propeller 10X4.7 SF or Xoar PJN 11X4 I like the Xoar better.
ESC Castle Creations Phoenix Ice 50 not the lite version
Servos 4 Hitec 5070MH these are new just came out not long ago.
They are Fast Strong and Very Smooth 42 ounce inch torque at 6V
52 ounce inch torque at 7.4V and weigh 14.2 grams.
Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabelizer. Works awesome.
Batteries I use. Thunder power 70C 1300mah 3s 5 to 6 minutes.
Thunder power 45C 1800mah 3s 8 to 9 minutes.
Thunder power 25C 2700mah 3s 12 to 14 minutes.
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I'm no engineer or aerodynamist. I'm sure there are technical differences for the different Center of Gravity (CG) terms that are tossed about. But to simplify this discussion, I am going to use the following terms - CG range, ideal CG, designed CG, published CG and measured CG.

-- A. The "Ideal CG" is that CG which achieves hands-off straight and level flight with no trim to the control surfaces.

You don't pick a CG point and make it balance there. You balance your plane and find out where that point is.

The recommended CG is a good starting point, not the ending point.

Airplanes have a "Designed CG". The engineers designing the airplane take into account what they want to achieve and design the airplane around those parameters. They know mathmatically where the CG should be based on their design. They design around a "Datum Line". You won't usually find a "Datum Line" in the RC model's stats. A common substitute for it is the horizontal stabilizer.

-- B. What is the "CG range"?
We'll leave helicopters and multirotors out of this discussion. In real airplanes, a "CG range" is usually discussed with the terms forward and aft CG limits used. It is a range of measurements that give you the best flight characteristics for the mission or phase of flight you are flying. The CG point moves as passengers embark or disembark, fuel is burned or received, cargo taken on or discharged, weapons...Continue Reading
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MJX X906T 5.8G FPV Quadcopter Full Review (9 min 57 sec)

Here is a fun all in one package, the MJX 906T Drone, it has an FPV screen built into the transmitter, and its on 5.8G! You can change channels, do flips and rolls, it can fly really fast if you want to, or be slow and stable with the push of a button.

A nice added touch is the included SD card and an SD card reader. Standard battery connectors, great flight time, and spare props! I like the looks of this one, cool futuristic look to it.

I hope you enjoy! Like comment and subscribe for more weekly videos!

- Looks, cool compact design
- Extras, props, tool, SD Card and a reader
- 5.8G FPV
- All in one, FPV screen in the TX
- Flips, rolls
- Good flight time
- FUN!

- Horizontal range is a little limited, but vertically it will go far, Im
assuming this is due to antenna placement inside the quad.
- Photo/Video quality is a little low
- Screen is a little hard to see in bright daylight

Brand Name: MJX
Item NO.: X906T
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channel: 4-Channels
Axis: 6-Axis
Color: Black
Copter battery: 3.7v 380mAh
Flying time: About 6mins
Charging time: About 120mins
Control distance: about 50m
Transmitter battery: 3.7V 800mAh
Product size:13.7*13.7*3.5cm

- With 3D flips n roll,can make your flight more funny.
- Adopted 5.8G data transimmissiom system and built-in 2.31 inches LCD screen that allow you to...Continue Reading
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Not too many models come in this "Y6" configuration.

Cheerson - CX-33C (Y6 Tricopter) - Review and Flight (13 min 45 sec)

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New this week : Tyrant 215 Race Quad ... "A Real Tyrant."

We just got a Diatone Tyrant 215 this week to fly for you guys. The quad seems to be named correctly. A tyrant! On the field I was doing laps with a friend and he was having a hard time keeping up with me. The second set of Pids I added to it now make it float like a butterfly in Airmode. And it's super locked in on the straight lanes. With 2206 motors, 20Amp Ecs, and 4S this quad is a solid winner with me. Read the Pros and Cons below. 5 Stars from me.

Enjoy guys, Justin Davis

Got this one from Geekbuying.

Full review below ...


- Programmable Naze32 Rev6 Flight Controller with Blackbox.
- 20A 2-4S Escs with Oneshot
- 600 TVL micro camera
- 200mw on this one guys. Fly with your friends or change up to 40 channels.
- DAL Props included
- Recessed Pdb. Easy to replace if you have to.
- BX2206/2000kv motors are very powerful on 4S!
- Low voltage beeper alarm. Very nice.
- 5" Props. *Standard 5045.
- Price for this one is around $230. Not bad for what you get and
not having to build anything. Just choose your receiver and fly.
- 5.8 Cloverleaf antenna included with the Tyrant.
- 4mm bottom plate. Very durable and trending now.
- Place for your GoPro with slots for a strap.
- XT60 battery connector at the rear of the drone.
- Adjustable camera mount. Also comes with a larger mount so
you can mount a popular size camera like an HS1177.
- Long battery...Continue Reading
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I'm super stoked, I just got my first 3d printer setup and tuned for printing. It's amazing what a $250 printer can do. I've been able to print a bunch of drone parts, which are surprisingly durable.

Checkout the full guide here:

My new thingiverse profile for the LED/VTX holder I designed:

For anyone getting into this, I highly recommending checking out these two design tools: Sketch Up and Fusion360

I've attached some photos and videos from the build.
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Skymaster A-10 powered by twin TJ 120's and Neu motors from Warbirds & Classics 2016 event at Black Starr Canyon.

Pandissix's A-10 Thunderbolt (Skymaster) twin EDF -- Warbirds and Classics 2016 (2 min 43 sec)

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E-Flite FJ-2 Fury 15 DF
EDF Size: 69mm
Flaps: No
Flying Weight: 3.3 lb (1.49kg)
Length: 38.75 in (984mm)
Material: Z-Foam
Motor Size: BL15, 3700Kv
Recommended Fuel: Electric
Recommended Motor Battery: 14.8V 4S 3200mAh LiPo
Retracts: No
Speed Control: 60-Amp (installed)
Wing Area: 304 sq in (19.6 sq dm)
Wingspan: 36.75 in (933mm)

Combined Ailerons with a wye cable, required to reverse left elevator servo. All other controls worked in the correct direction.
Also required an On/Off switch between ESC and Rx.
I changed the EC3 plug to a deans as all of my 4S batteries have them.
***UPDATE*** 9/8/16
Replaced Reversing wye cable with standard wye cable and used Turnigy in-line short reverser to reduce the size of the wire bundle.
YouTube Playlist

FJ 2 Fury Maiden (6 min 33 sec)

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Hi ,everyone ,good day ! There's good news for man who love the Robotic servos ! Sales champion servos !

Single output shaft, 180 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Name:6V13kg-cm Digital Servo
Size :40.2*20.1mm*38.8mm*48.0mm*10mm; Weight:56g 0.2(1.46oz)
Gear type:Titanium Gear
Speed:0.11sec/180 at (6V)
0.13 sec/180 at (4.8V)

Both output shaft, 360 degrees rotation,Robot servo
Name:6V13kg-cm Robot Servo
Size :A:40.7mm B:19.8mm C:37.9mm D:30.5mm; Weight:52g 0.2(1.84oz)
Gear type:Metal Gear
Speed:0.20sec/60 at (6V)
0.18sec/60 at (7.2V)
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I purchased my beloved Park Zone F4U Corsair on September 2nd, 2008!

That's a whopping 8 years and my model is still flying and most importantly satisfying to fly! It has perhaps a few hundred flights on those wings. A few years ago I switched from the STOCK PZ 480 BL motor to the Model Motors AXI-2820/10 with 1,100 Kv. With this AXI Motor the wings almost flexed to the point that the model would have crashed at the first turn. After using some strong packing tape the Wing is incredibly strong.

Fast forward to today, I acquired a few parts from the Horizon Hobby Corsair about one year ago and I have finally come around to perform a FACE LIFT to my old and tired Park Zone F4U Corsair.

Parts came from someone that had:

1. Upgraded the Fixed Main Gear & Wheels set with the newer HH F4U.
2. Upgraded the Cowling from the HH F4U.
3. Work Still to be done is Paint and Decals.

Okay, a few pictures!

The way I had it for a while and the AXI was just too much on this airframe!

...Continue Reading