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Posted by Dougz1 | May 05, 2019 @ 03:02 AM | 461 Views
Hi everyone, I’ve got a 1:5 Baja that I bought running but after 3 months on the shelf it wouldn’t start, nothing I did could get it to go so I gave up and bought a new 23cc motor and installed it.

I did my research on running it in and as far as I can tell did everything right. Ran 25:1 non-synthetic oil (mineral) and went pretty easy on it but carful to avoid WOT but still changing revs constantly. After 3/4 of a tank I pulled up and it stalled. Could not restart. Took it home let it cool down and it still wont start. Not even a put. Even with fuel/areostart straight into the comp. chamber.
It has a brand new NGK plug in, I checked the magneto and increased the gap, spark is excellent, fuel is new and premium. WTH is going on with this thing please help!