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Posted by Razer8811 | Oct 07, 2015 @ 09:25 AM | 4,708 Views
Several years ago I decided to build my first kit; a Sig 1/5th scale J-3 Cub. While it took a year or so for various reasons, I did eventually finish the kit and since converted it to electric and plan to fly it this weekend. Shortly after finishing the Cub I bought a Sig 4*40 kit and assembled it in about a week. I enjoyed building something out of a bunch of balsa and ply but I did not like working with CA glue, especially the thin stuff. I plan to use Gorilla glue and Elmer's wood glue whenever possible with this kit.

I chose the P-47 Top Flite kit based on reputation as both a great kit and a great flier. Plus I love the looks of a Razorback P-47D. As with my old J-3 Cub build on RCU, I don't anticipate very much interest in this blog. I always seem to choose airplanes that have been out a very long time and interest in usually minimal. The good thing about this kit is there is a lot of information and build threads on the web.

The plan is to go with Electric Power (I just don't like messing with fuel anymore), flaps and electric retracts. I see a lot of folks still using pneumatic retracts and I'm not sure why anyone would choose to bother with airlines and pumps and all that jazz. Maybe someone will enlighten me. With that said I'm hoping to come in around 10lbs but I also want to glass and paint versus traditional film. Going with Thayercraft.com cloth and Minwax poly. 10lbs is a goal anyways but we shall see.

Last night I opened the kit and did a quick inventory. Everything looks great and the smell of balsa is in the air. Work space is limited so I cut away the stab plan and got ready to build.