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Posted by WFLYRC | May 07, 2019 @ 01:25 AM | 873 Views
WFLY attend the EXPO HOBBY Beijing Fair in last April,the WFLY booth was attacted with many many RC fans and business partners.
May of them were interested in WFLY latest radios which model types are:ET06(6 channels),ET07(10channels) and ET12(12channels),and also there are some WFLY classical types like car radio of WFX4,and drone rado like WFT09,WFT07,also there are many our receivers.
Attached are parts of the fair live photos to share with WFLY follower,thank you for always support and like WFLY,and WFLY will spare no affort to keep on provide you the better and better RC products,thank you.

Should you have any question,pls feel free to let us know

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Posted by WFLYRC | Apr 11, 2019 @ 02:08 AM | 946 Views
Hello,Dear all old and new WFLY RC fans,good news here:WFLY will go to the Exhibition of HOBBY EXPO CHINA(Beijing) in this April 19th-21st,if you will be there,you're welcome to visit our booth number of 2019-A.

Should you have any question,pls feel free to let us know

Thanks & Best regards
Lynn Ling
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Shenzhen WFLY Technology Development Co., LTD
Tel:+86 755 2979 2496-801
Fax:+86 755 26585126
Mob:+86-189 2382 0083(Skype/Wechat/WhatsApp)
Add:4th Floor,C2 Buliding,Xiangli Industry Park,Heping Haoye Road,Fuyog Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China.
Posted by WFLYRC | Nov 28, 2011 @ 10:00 PM | 3,359 Views
WFLY (world fly) Technology Development Co.,Ltd, who had greatly sponsored this competition with great effort.

WFLY provided the first winner with 5,000 RMB as award in this contest.

The first picture is the scenery of beginning.

The following is the helicopters I have seen on the spot.

Next, Let's see a big family before WFLY spot, there are so many wonderful pilots.

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Posted by WFLYRC | Nov 25, 2011 @ 04:22 AM | 3,783 Views
Several days ago, My friend send me a query about WFT07 setting. Here Please allow me to transfer his question about it.
"I want to set a Dual Rate and Exponential Rate on my Wfly 7 Ch Tx so my planes will fly gently. In that area of the Menu there are sets of two numbers side by side but the manual does not say which one is the Low Rate and which one is the High Rate. If I get it wrong and set it too fast, the plane will go like a rocket and there will be a high risk of a crash. I must say the manual is not well explained at all. It lists each of the functions but does not say what they do to the way a plane flies. I am almost at the point of throwing it away and buying one of a different brand but that would mean I would have to buy their receivers as well - from a different company. I want to stay with you, but I need this explained"

The method to solve it is to adjustment on DR & EXPO.
If your model is Censsa . and if you want to make your plane flying gently. Beneath operating steps will be a good advice for you.
1.Turn on the transmitter, enter in "NORMAL SETTING". please choose the second item"DUAL RATE & EXPONENTAIL SETTING"
2. ON AIL. Please set the parameter on DR: + 60% and EX:+ 24%.

3.ON RUD. Please set the parameter on DR: + 60% and EX:+ 24%.

4.ON ELE. Please set the parameter on DR: + 60% and EX:+ 24%.

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Posted by WFLYRC | Nov 10, 2011 @ 01:38 AM | 3,646 Views
FUTABA 9CH TXmethod to save data: power off TX directly after finishing setting.
WFLY 9 CH TX method to save data: after finished setting on the menu, press "exit" first and then power off TX.
The later method to save data will be more practical I thought, Press "exit" means all the setting were confirmed by yourselves again.

Given some of WFLY users are not very familiar with the operation of saving the data on our products, hereunder publish the specific operational procedures, and please follow up strictly in order to avoid losing the data.

WFT09II/WFT09SII data-saving in general have the following three ways:

1, you can use "Parameters" to set and adjust the related parameters; data will be saved automatically after “EXIT”.

2,You can find "Model parameters" function in the "System Settings" ,then choose the desired type and press the OK button, the remote audible and visual alarms indicate the completion of setting. The setting will take effect after rebooting.

3, You can select the “Helicopter” located in “type settings” in "System Settings" , data will be saved automatically after choosing CONFIRM option. The setting will take effect after rebooting.
Posted by WFLYRC | Nov 10, 2011 @ 01:29 AM | 3,735 Views

This is the place to show my real face here. isn't it?

Deep in my thought, I really want friends all over the world to know this good thing, that is WFLY remote controller, real proportional R/C system here.

WFLY is the first company to adopt 2.4Ghz technology in China, and to make full use of 2.4Ghz technology, which produce wonderful 2.4Ghz radio controll system. when it comes to spread spectrum, and hopping spectrum. WFLY have desinged WFLY-WFLY08 and WFLY-WFT09 to satisfy cutomer's requirement and follow the varied trend on the model field.

Somebody will ask me what is the specialty of WFLY2.4GHz Technology
Here is some of info about WFLY 2.4GHz for your enjoymemt.

. WFLY 2.4GHz technology, expansion of the super anti-jamming performance of FH systems,in the severe interference area of the factory we have tested 80 sets simultaneously to work , a conservative manner for the world's first remote control device 60 sets work in the same time test "WFLY 2.4G module with anti-jamming technology WFT09 60 sets of products at the same time boot OK"

1. Hopping frequency is high Speed.
WFLY 2.4G adopted hopping frequency to DSSS technology and the hopping speed is 4 MS one time.That is DSSS+FHSS.

2. 2.4G receiver outputs high reliable PWM signal to digital servo. Oscilloscope can observe the details with nano second. But other brand receiver PWM signal is not so reliable compared with WFLY 2.4G.

3. High 4096 resolution, high...Continue Reading
Posted by WFLYRC | Nov 10, 2011 @ 01:05 AM | 3,529 Views
About WFLY-----A legend from China

WFLY Technology Ddevelopment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading companies in RC hobby product R&D and manufacturing. From year 2006, with continuous effort, WFLY was the first one to release the first Chinese menu RC system, the first 2.4G radio system with 4096 resolution, the first 9ch RC system in China. Today, WFLY has developed a series of RC systems for entry to expert users.

WFLY has put in lots of resources in R&D. Establishing a high standard R&D team is one of the main reasons for us to survive in this competitive market and keep improving. With years of experience, we have developed our own flaspeed technology, DSSS+hopping, significantly improved product speed, easy operation, stability, anti-interference and other key factors, which help us building our loyalty user group.

In the recent years, to allow more people in China reach aviation knowledge, WFLY has sponsored some of the main competitions for hobbies. We believe through this way, the Chinese local hobby industry is able to be growing in the long run.

With strict QA and QC system for manufacturing and R&D, we ensured the product rationality, durability, and stability, we have passed the CE,FCC , R&TTE and also many other strict test for Radio devices, and being permitted to sell in those markets.

At the end of 2010,with understanding of industrialtrends,WFLY has put lots of resources to set up its Hobby division focus in electric helicopters. With high quality design and superior electronic control devices, WFLY's electric helicopters will bring freshness to the hobby industry.

We strongly believe through continuous effort, WFLY is able to provide the most suitable products and solutions for our partners.