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Posted by u2builder | May 31, 2011 @ 05:47 AM | 23,732 Views
I don't like taking planes apart to get them into the car. And biplanes have always appealed to me. The Tiger Moth and Stampe SV-4B are a couple of long time favorites.

I can put a 90 size bipe in my old Volvo wagon without removing any wings. I don't like removing wings, but with airplanes the limit without removing the wings is less than 60" span, and even that requires some jiggling.

Last year I saw and Goldberg Ultimate kit come up on Ebay. I decided this would be a good choice as it is very aerobatic and can even do some 3D stuff. I put a Saito 125 on it. It flies great and I like it a lot. I think it was about 8.5 pounds if I remember correctly.

Last winter I got a Lou Andrews Aeromaster Kit. I have always like the Jungmeister Bipe, and "PD1" had done such a mod "back in the day" so I bashed the kit, redesigning the tailfeathers and moving the landing gear to the wing. The result is a standoff scale Jungmeister. I put a Saito 100 on it. This plane came in at 7 pounds and seems very rugged. The Aeromaster is said to be "one of the best flying bipes" and I can say that mine is a real pleasure to fly.

To get through that long winter, I built a D&L Designs Stampe. This is another aerobatic bipe. I put a Saito 82 on it because it was all I could fit in the cowl. I'd say I wish I had a little bigger engine. The Stampe also weighs about 7 pounds, and has about 1000 square inches of wing area.

So, what do I like? I...Continue Reading
Posted by u2builder | May 29, 2011 @ 07:49 PM | 24,454 Views
Like many on this group, I am obsessed. I thought I should take a few minutes and list as many of my planes as I can think of, and what I think about them. The order is approximately the order in which I aquired them.

Slow Stick: First plane, taught my self to fly, don't fly it much anymore. It was a really great first plane.

Pico Tiger Moth: I think this was my second plane. I know I enjoyed flying it. It is long gone, may it RIP.

Miss Stick: I thought I needed something big and slow with no ailerons. I have a small field at home and it really didn't fly that well out of my field. I never fly it any more.

Pat Trittle's Supercub, Tiger Moth and Waco. I spent a lot of time building them but rarely fly them. I moved on to other planes.

Steven's Aero Stick and Soar Stick. I taught myself how to use ailerons with the Aero Stick. I pretty much have not flown a rudder elevator plane since. The Aero stick was a great aileron trainer.

Steven's Aero Shaft: I really couldn't fly it properly in my small field, and eventually sold it.

Hobby Lobby Yak flat foamy: This plane changed everthing for me. I learned to hover and really sharpened my skills. I went through 6 of them my second summer flying.

MS Composite Unique: this was my next 3D plane. I loved it, but it really didn't fly very well. It was quirky at low speeds.

MS Composite Blade Dancer: This is similar to the Unique, but a much better flyer.

MS Composite Pitts: This was another fun...Continue Reading