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Posted by DismayingObservation | Aug 18, 2020 @ 08:44 PM | 11,366 Views
I've been busy!

My club placed me in charge of taking care of the sale of both an estate and the equipment of a gentleman exiting the hobby. It was up to me to gather the equipment, bring it to the field and conduct the sale. To sweeten the deal, I could keep whatever I wished. To fast forward ahead, the club wound up making several hundred dollars!

As for me, well, I managed to walk away with several models!

I've attached some photos below. That E-flite Timber X was assembled but unflown, the little Parkzone T-28 was complete but in need of some attention and the Hacker Master Stick was brand new but unboxed, but no one wanted it! The club president gave it to me and I paid only five bucks for its E-flite Park 450 and ESC. Lastly, I had the pleasure of flying that Hobbico Spectra at an unannounced visit by family members of our late friend. She's an oldie with its Speed 400 motor.

Completing the Master Stick only required four inexpensive digital servos to go with the Hitec Maxima receiver I had on hand, the Hacker hardware kit and an APC 11x5.8E prop. I have an 11x7 I might try. The T-28 was one I remembered seeing at the field years ago. It was dusty and in need of a good cleaning, some minor repairs and a new horizontal stabilizer, still available in white from Horizon. Took care of the color issue with a spray can of Aggressor Gray Testors Model Master. Once I touched up some of the paint issues, I had a presentable and great flying model.

I've had nothing but fun with the Timber X with its only limitation being single-position flaps since I'm flying it on my trusty old DX6i. I also treated it to a new set of window decals from Callie Graphics since the picture below was taken.

A old 30cc Super Chipmunk ( I don't remember the brand) with pneumatic retracts from the estate is up for its turn at the workbench after the weather cools off. It has a fuel leak, so some new Tygon might be in order.