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Posted by DismayingObservation | May 29, 2016 @ 11:44 PM | 7,961 Views
Well, I maidened the Skywing Laser 260 the other day on behalf of Banggood.com and RCGroups.

Had a break in the unrelenting wind and I figured it was a now-or-never situation.

Let me give away just a small part of the upcoming review to state that this model with its 38" wingspan is truly amazing. Once trimmed, I felt as if I'd been flying this little sweetie for years. Banggood did an awesome job of choosing just the right components for this airframe.

I'll also jump ahead to state that anyone looking for a compact, 3D-capable, semi-scale sport plane would do well to consider the Laser. Even with relatively inexpensive 9g digital servos, control was precise, accurate and just plain fun.

Watch this space for more!
Posted by DismayingObservation | May 25, 2016 @ 07:43 PM | 7,850 Views
When one's hobby is model aviation, wind can be a problem unless one is slope soaring.

Week upon week of windy conditions have pretty much grounded me except for some quadcopter flights in front of the house. I live in a relatively wind-free neighborhood. The club field, meh. Not so calm.

So, what will amount to my final official reviews here on RCGroups are on hold until things calm down. More on that revelation in a future blog.

I'm really looking forward to doing the maiden flight on the new 38" Skywing Laser 260 from Banggood.com, but even though it's been finished for more than a week and going on two, no chance to get it in the air.

Banggood also forwarded two very nice quads, the JYU Hornet S with FPV goggles (fun!!) and the UPair One aerial photography quad with a 4K camera, no less. The Hornet is absolutely amazing! The One is very nice as well, but my gimbal no longer wants to tilt via the transmitter. I've written UPair and I hope to hear back soon.

So, that leaves me with the nearly rebuilt HobbyKing Super-G autogyro and Hitec's new line of Propel multirotor motors with their built-in ESCs. Having issues getting the FC board to recognize the receiver, but I'll be bringing it to the hobby shop in the next day or two to get it operating.

I'll be blogging more after I'm done with these reviews, you lucky readers. See you here on the blogs.