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Posted by yosemitez | Nov 28, 2017 @ 11:34 AM | 9,976 Views
X220, Omnibus f4, Crossfire Micro

getting ready to try some long distance flying

this is equipped with this transmitter which i have now used for years and has saved my quads countless times, even a mile out i was able to quickly find it. it is used in conjunction with the PR-100A RECEIVER $249.95 and even though it costs a lot it is well worth it and could be shared among friends. you will never loose your quad again as with other systems if you crash and the battery is ejected you will never find it.
RC-L1 LIGHT WEIGHT TRANSMITTER,1 Milliwatt Output, 6 Week Battery Life, $75
Posted by yosemitez | Nov 24, 2017 @ 01:02 PM | 14,049 Views
update 11.27.17
flies great, not sure if i notice a difference with the crsf protocol but it did fly very smooth and responsive. had the taranis set to rssi alarm at 80% and it only invoked once going out 1/2 mile behind some trees.

works as wired, i tried tx/rx3 and tx/rx6 and no luck

Pin 1 (receiver TX) goes to one of the flight controller UART RX
Pin 2 (receiver RX) goes to one of the flight controller UART TX
Power up the Flight controller, the CF Receiver will have a RED light (not bonded)
Push the button on the Crossfire , can also be done though lua
Power on the receiver and push the bind button (no need to power up with button pressed like FrSky)
The button will turn blue, the receiver LED will turn green.
This means the bind is done but the TX needs to update the firmware on the RX module over the air (magic!).
Push the Crossfire TX button to confirm the update, wait a couple of minutes until it turns green again.
download tbsagent, lug into back of CF TX, update both TX and RX

taranis x9d+
open tx 2.2 latest
internal rf off
external set to crsf , ch1 -8
rx and tx are bound (both green), see both in tx under crsf lua
configured rx to output 1 and 2= crsf tx/rx , 100mw
Channel Map Dat.Ch. 8 RSSI

betaflight 3.2.2
serial set to uart 6
receiver mode set to> serial based rx
serial receiver set to> crsf
In Receiver tab set the RSSI channel to 8, now you can see the RSSI
Posted by yosemitez | Nov 13, 2017 @ 05:56 PM | 4,937 Views
eachine x220, betaflight 3.2.2, dynamic filter, notch 1 and 2 off, dshot150
eachine x220, betaflight 3.2.2, dynamic filtering on (0 min 50 sec)