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Posted by nasgul | Nov 29, 2011 @ 08:15 PM | 14,084 Views
This is for my flydumini frame/fc build........

Quality is excellent, and nice and light, considering it's 2.6mm thickness! So far i have soldered the pins and the arduino pro mini, which i also got from (thanks to paul bake).
Wii motion plus going to be used on this, along with the following.....

Turnigy plush esc's (either 6a or 10a, undecided as yet)
Hk 2000kv 10g motors or c10's
Orange rx
5x3 3 blade or 2 blade props

Build log updated regularly........

Wii motion plus now soldered and fitted to the flydumini, starting to get there slowly, lol.
I used sellotape outdoor foam sticky tabs to affix wmp to the frame. The advantages are twofold. Firstly, they are very sticky, so no fear of gyro coming loose! Secondly, the foam they are made from is very good at absorbing vibrations, used many times on my multi's and heli's, wont use anything else now for affixing gyro's or securing servo's ...Continue Reading
Posted by nasgul | Nov 29, 2011 @ 08:00 PM | 13,865 Views
Received my fc board from luis at today!

The finish is excellent! Nice in red, supplied with llc, ready for 3.3v. Build progress will be updated as and when progress happens, so stay tuned!

Progress report; Soldered most pins on now, as well as llc!
Posted by nasgul | Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:15 AM | 13,665 Views
Here's the plan......
wraith is currently using kk board, y4/6 is on hold, and i'm having ideas. Noticed there is a significant amount of threads with people needing help with kk/hk boards, and few (but VERY informative) multiwii threads!
I'm drawing to the conclusion that while kk is good to begin with, like anything, it has limits. The same i guess can be said about multiwii, however, multiwii is FAR more adjustable, and with added bonus of upgradeable (ie; baro, mag, auto-level) features!

While minsoo's flycam and gps boards look great, my limit is . Far too expensive for a cleaner on a basic wage.
Kk board is good, but limited in features.

And then we get to multiwii......

paris boards, warthox boards, bluesky boards, miniwii boards, dialfonzo boards, to name but a few, the choice is vast! also the prices are favourable, and you can upgrade as you go along.
Adjustability is also very good, gui looks reasonably simple to use!
size, depending on board, varies, but that's simple enough, choose the right one for your own needs.

So, miniwii and dialfonzo boards for me, wait for availability, buy, then rewire my brain