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Posted by Slopedaddy | Nov 21, 2012 @ 12:25 AM | 4,888 Views
My name is Chuck and I've been addicted to flying RC for 7 years.
I started with electric park flyers at Estancia Field and gradually worked my way
to flying Giant Scale gasoline planes at OCMA in Sport and Basic IMAC routines.

Earlier last year my friends Shadow and Wayne finally got me to the slopes. I used to fly power with them for years but they kind of disappeared from the power scene and I often wondered "what the heck happened to those guys"? it turns out they were at the slopes! They got me into flying "Speedos" ,"Passers", and "Mambas" and I soon was totally hooked.

I will have to say its been a learning experience flying without power: slope patterns, landing, glider programing and AVOIDING ROTORS! Luckily there's no shortage of nice people on the slopes to help you learn the techniques. One of the things I like is that the majority are trying to fly safely and with common sense and courtesy. Traits not always found at some flying fields I've been to.

My favorite planes currently are my "Typhoon", "Element", "Genesis", and "Mamba". Slope is great, and though I still love my 27% Yak 54, I hardly fly power any more.