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Posted by zongmin.lee | Aug 29, 2013 @ 09:10 PM | 3,063 Views
Professional Hexa-Rotor Platform
The innovative built-in damping system allows the helicopter to be assembled without additional frames and dampers. The system helps customer to minimize size, reduce weight and simplify installation that can be applied on different helicopter models. Customers also have more options for physical installation.

Circuit-integrated Centre Frame
All the circuitries from batteries to electronic components of Frame Arms, PMU and gimbals are integrated into Centre Frame, which simplifies the wiring,reduces the possibility of malfunction and helps considerably with quick disassembly.

High-integrated Frame Arms Design
With innovative integration design of Frame Arms, all the power and signal wires of motor, ESC and LED indicator are embedded into the Frame Arms, which makes them look simple and neat. Special slot design assembly of Frame Arms and Centre Frame with a complete circuitry. The overall design is safe, reliable, simple and stable, proved by long-time strict testing.

Integration Design of ESC
The components of ESC are installed inside the neat Frame Arms beneath the motors, which solve the problem of heat radiating. LED indicator is included to ESC, and can be used to easily identify the nose and tail for S800.

High Performance Brushless Motors
Brushless motors with special design and high performance reduce noise and vibration, enable smooth turning, improve the stability and performance of aircraft, and simplify...Continue Reading