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Posted by SLOPE HEAD | Jul 13, 2010 @ 04:18 AM | 3,015 Views
I've been learning to fly Choppers of late, not only for a new challenge, but also because of the lack of wind.
The big SW'ers are coming though!
Posted by SLOPE HEAD | Feb 12, 2010 @ 06:10 AM | 3,774 Views
If you've come in for a look your probably wondering what l'm all about? Well I'm a self employed concretor with 4 loyal soldiers on the pay roll at the moment ( has been as high as 9 ).
I am lucky to own a property of 4 acres on top of a hill around 2 km's from korumburra.
I have a beautiful wife and 3 kids who suffer though the addition with me called slope.
It all started with electrics with the birth of lipo batterys. I built, bought and crashed many of these before being introduced to slope by Shane (R/C Junkie). We had been great mates as kids but had gone our separete ways. I had been flying electrics for some time before learning that Shane was still flying himself ( He was heavily into R/c, with his father Len, when we were kids but I assumed it was over.)
Anyway re-introduced and shown sloping for the first time, my poor electrics didn't stand a chance.
Hi my name is Steve and I'm a slope addict!
I have a stable of around 30 planes ready to fly, pretty much 95% PSS.
I love to build them, spending on average 5 nights a week at it. I am a touch ashamed to say it but sometimes I think I like building more than flying!
My wife is very forgiving and encourages my passion to keep me out of the pub. So now I drink in between building
Let me just put this here that I have won the Camperdown " Best on ground" two years running...........easily!
Shane and myself are always coming up with new ideas and I think this inspires us to do better.
I would like to give a big "Hats off" to some of the pioneers of PSS, the likes of Lairdy, Russ Thompson, Carl Mass and many more. You guys have inspired all of us with your dedication and design work.
One day I will attend a PSS fest!!
I'm happy to see more PSS work coming out of Australia, most of the guys that see them fly get hooked like all of us, like drugs but more expensive!
Fly on my brothers.