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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Jul 26, 2013 @ 02:14 PM | 5,625 Views
I scored a NEW Saito 65 from craigslist unexpectedly. The story is I have been watching this ad for a Saito 65 for about 3 months. When it would expire the gent would repost with a dollar or two off the price. The ad stated the following:

I have a Used SAITO FA-65 .65 FOUR 4 STROKE RC ENGINE with PROPELLER and NOSE CONE. This engine had been well taken care of and very little use on it.

It always had the same 2 pictures and from them it looked to be in good condition. I finally emailed him and asked what his bottom dollar was. It was located about 2 hours drive north of me and I really did not want to drive that far just for an engine. So his answer back was $110 shipped. I can't remember what it was originally listed for but the last price in the ad was $127. The same fellow had a few other RC odds and ends that were nothing special.

So I took a chance and sent him a check, that was his preferred method of payment. Additionally, this engine was just engine no tools or box; he offered a prop and spinner but I declined on those items.

When the engine arrived as I usually do with used engines, I opened up the back cover, remove the muffler and do a general inspection of its condition.

Aside from a bit of dust, it looked pristine. It did not have the smell of oil or fuel, in fact it smelled like they do right out of the box. After removing the back cover my suspicions were confirmed. This engine has NEVER seen a drop of fuel. Here are a few pictures of it.

I can see that the glow plug is the standard one shipped with Saitos and even it has never seen combustion. All in all I think I scored a pretty darn good deal here. I just had to share.

I have run about 5 tanks of fuel through this engine and it is one of the finest Saito's I have ever had. It starts on the first flip and transitions instantaneously from idle to WOT. All in all it is definitely a keeper.