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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 30, 2007 @ 10:01 PM | 26,610 Views
You guys know the story, each year you try to carve a better pumpkin than before. When the kids got old enough to have input we created a new tradition. They draw the face of their pumpkin on a piece of paper and I take a giant butcher knife and carve it to the best of my ability.

I introduce this years twin duo - Mr. Scary and Happy Kitty.
I'll let you guys figure out which is which.
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 15, 2007 @ 04:22 PM | 27,818 Views
I have traveled all over the country covering RC events. For the past two years I have lived out of a 27 foot travel trailer will all the comforts of home (including internet access). The sad part of this story is that my family has never gone camping in the trailer. We decided to change that last weekend and we drove a grueling 1.2 hours to Songbird Marina in Camden, TN. We were able to get a spot right on the water. The extra benefit to that is that my truck was full of water planes. I had a Graupner Hydro Plane 3D, the new Reach water plane and an RC boat. In between teaching our daughter how to ride a bike and keeping the 4 year old out of the lake I had some time to fly off the lake. I have to say that putting an airplane on water and pushing it out is not a natural thing to do. I really didn't expect to get anything back dry but that is what these planes were made for so I fought back my instincts and sent them out.

The first plane I flew was the Reach. I realized quickly that if I wanted to turn this plane back towards shore I better apply some rudder. I would call this one a "scale" like flyer.

I was really anxious to fly the Graupner Hydro Plane 3D. I have to say I loved this plane. Once I had it trimmed out it was fun and precise. It did want to fly in a slight nose up attitude. Rollings were quick (as you can see in the video) and it hovered and harriered well.

I'm extremely proud and happy to say both these planes came home in one piece. I was least...Continue Reading