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Posted by jblair66 | Sep 03, 2019 @ 04:00 PM | 754 Views
Yesterday I was running a brand new DLE 20 for the first time. I have independent batteries for receiver and ignition. The engine idled nicely and as I increased power to 50% the engine shut down. No biggie. However the ignition and all receiver power was lost. The entire electronic system died. If I was quick and lower the throttle I could recover the receiver and engine power. In the air this is not acceptable. The receiver was an Admiral 8 channel bound to Spectrum DS8 powered by a JR NiMH 700. The ignition is powered by Glacier 2s 2200 LiPo with an Rcxel optical kill switch. Any ideas on why and solutions. I have a brand new spectrum 6 channel receiver to try tonight.