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Posted by Angela H | Aug 29, 2007 @ 08:36 PM | 31,724 Views
We definitely have a contingency of Texans (a bevy? a flock? a pride?) in the RCGroups authors. Flying buddies even. A gang.

Mike Llewellyn, aka pda4u is one of this gang and a fantastic reviewer. I know I can always count on an easy read that's chock full of detail and gushing with love for some warbird or another or some crazy fast jet type thingy.

He's married, he's got kids, he's a Scout Master, and just a solid guy. He prefers Betty to Wilma, MaryAnn to Ginger, but his favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail so you know you can't entirely predict him (even if he is originally from Idaho).

His fellow RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

How long you been into RC? 29 years. Started at 14yrs old after Control Line and Rockets. Self taught with GREAT difficulty!

Married? Kids? Yes and yes - 4 kids - Brandon goes to college in 4 days! Blake/15 started to get into RC again (thank heavens one of them likes it) Kevin/11 and Megan/9 (the little princess)!

Occupation? Marketing - after 19 years in Sales for the Sabre Group (computer reservations system for travel agencies/airlines/hotels/cruise/cars etc). They had no idea what a pain in the rear a customer advocate would be!

Other Hobbies? Used to be photography but now is working with the Boy Scouts. I guess that is a hobby although a LOT of work.

Fastest car or motorcycle you ever owned? Motorcycle - v65 Magna in college. My now wife then girlfriend loved it, until she started her work...Continue Reading
Posted by Angela H | Aug 22, 2007 @ 07:57 PM | 32,557 Views
After this week, I officially put Albert Wahrhaftig on my list of Most Interesting People Ever Who Aren't Celebrities, Mythological Figures, Or Icons Of One Variety Or Another. I may even put him on my list of People I Would Like To Have Cook For Me, and the very short list of People I Envy For Being Able To Play The Clarinet. Now, he will definitely be on my longer list of People Who Are Much Smarter Than Me But Who Would Probably Still Cook For Me And Maybe Play The Clarinet If I Asked Nicely. He just seems the type.

Albert is just the coolest guy. As I put this together, I found myself reading every entry to my husband. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and add him to your own favorite list (as I'm sure you all have) of Cultural Anthropologists Who Also Enjoy American Idol.

His fellows RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

iphone: hi-tech piece of technology or really expensive piece of plastic? Couldn't care less. To tell the truth, i wish cell phones had never been invented.

What is the one RC related thing you have wanted for the longest time? If someone would just produce a Mac flight simulator, I probably wouldn't get out of this chair for weeks at a time.

What is your dream job? Job schmob! I'm retired and loving it. And working on more things than I ever did when i was 'working".

What plane or type of plane would you most like to be assigned for review? I reviewed a Ripmax Spitfire, and I think it is the best behaved and most real...Continue Reading
Posted by Angela H | Aug 15, 2007 @ 07:34 PM | 32,184 Views
I immediately nicknamed Jon Barnes (aka BARNESJONR) "Jon Barnes Jovi," because it just so OBVIOUS that this is what he should have been called since high school. How did everyone miss out on that nickname? and I guess he likes it OK, because he doesn't (publicly) complain too loudly. I picture Jon as the Peter GIbbons character from Office Space for reasons still not clear to me. Maybe he also is a bucker of the corporate system? A hater of flair? If we had RCGroups Author Superlatives, Jon would be voted "Friendliest" without a doubt. Maybe even "Camper of the Week" if we had RCGroups Summer Camp.

Jon and his wife run an RC friendly B&B in Marin County, CA called the Red Star Inn which sounds like heaven on earth. He has a 3 year old, a motorcycle, a big love of all things RC and is brave enough to openly admit an admiration for Neil Diamond.

Visit Jon's blog to see a list of his reviews here on RCGroups, and as of today Jon has an article in the current issue of Quiet Flyer (go to page 14-15)!

The RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

What was your first vehicle? What vehicle do you currently drive? First: 1971 Chevy Nova (4 tired variant) - Ancient 50CC Honda Motorcycle (2 tired variant). Current: 2003 Nissan Murano (Was my recently deceased Dad's) and as of yesterday at 5 PM, a 1993 Honda CBR600 F2.

Ever tried Sushi?Yes and I love it!!! But ONLY if I have had enough to drink!

Who is your all time favorite...Continue Reading
Posted by Angela H | Aug 07, 2007 @ 09:48 PM | 32,266 Views
Ronnie Pope aka dawnron1 is one of the nicest people on the planet. He lives in Texas (near Fort Worth) and so I already have a soft spot for him.

He's the guy at Verizon who routes your DSL repair calls but who would love to be an actor (he played "Man with Limp" in his drama teacher sister's version of Arsenic and Old Lace). He's a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, a golf fiend and movie buff. He's married with a stepdaughter and a 3 year old grandkiddo and when he's not flying, he does things like bike and dance (hopefully not at the same time though I tried to get him to send me a video of the dancing with no luck).

Ronnie is a spectacular amateur photographer who is starting a to get a few published photos, including some covers, in some RC magazines! Visit his blog to see a list of Ronnie's reviews here on RCG and some of his fantastic photographs!

His fellow RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

Do you have a favorite type or style of plane that you like to fly? I'd say sport planes are my favorite, followed by slow flyers (my buddy pda4you recently gave me a beautiful Herr Mini Sport that he'd built, AUW is around 12oz and it slows to a crawl, I love it!).

What was your first RC plane? My very first plane was an Aerobird Challenger RTF. Flew it twice, er, sort of (landed in a mesquite tree 10 feet up), sold it and bought a Slow Stick.

What is your favorite RC airplane ever? Man, that's tough. I guess I'd say the Multiplex Acro Master (...Continue Reading