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Posted by kiwi_craig | May 21, 2017 @ 01:48 AM | 15,291 Views
sick of the screaming tail blade on the 230s when flown with gusto - here's a solution !

the new generation of micro brushless quads are also bringing allot of options with smaller 2, 3 and 4 " diameter blades. Eyeing up the data I settled on the DYS bull nose 3045 tri blades. These are made from a durable and flexy material. diameter is smaller than the blades tail rotor = 82mm vs 75mm for the DYS, the dys has a fraction more pitch from the eyeball micrometer.

allot of the smaller quad blades use a 5mm bore so a blade spacer is needed, by chance GWS make exactly what is needed.

the stock setup relies on a key - flat edge to lock the prop for drive. the quads rely on sandwiching the blade between washer on the prop drive snout. Pretty easy to add 2 washers and a spacer tube to make up the diameter difference between the blades small dia prop shaft and the quads 5mm size. tighten down between two washers and your good t0 go.

hand testing and running the tail motor at full throttle for 30 seconds and then 1 minute did not induce over heating, there is more thrust than the stock blade thats for sure.

price is like $1.50 for a pair, okay your only going to use one of them but at that price who cares............. miles more durable and improved thrust at full throttle.

pretty funky translucent colours

needs a back washer , thin prop centre spacer (gws 5mm units where close to spot on) and a larger front washer.

Miles more durable and looks neat to boot.
Posted by kiwi_craig | May 20, 2017 @ 02:14 AM | 15,972 Views
The 230s is a nice flier and a great trainer but lets face it, its no power house, the little 3900Kv Motor has been dumped in the new 200s for a more powerful unit and blade went with the 300x / cfx motor in the 250cfx, which shares the same rotor head as the 230s.

My 230 is destined for a huey scale shell but i wanted a boost in power so it can fly with decent authority with the weight gain. The 230 s chassis is pretty restricive space wise and whilst the blade 320 motor out of the 300x/cfx/250cfx is an option its quite tall and would likely stick out the bottom of the chassis and i'm betting is going to be allot harder on batteries.

By chance i have two FZW 2625 3900kv motors that where originally offered in the MJX F45 brushless kits. These motors run sweetly on 3s and provide good performance. Ive had one runnng in a v950 and it was preety decent power wise. Only odd detail on these motors is the 2.5mm shaft size, so drilling the blades pinion and or an aftermarket 12t 2.3mm pinions is required and is easy enough.

Eyeballing it, it all looked spot on fit wise so into it!

I hade to use a flat file to nudge the openings a fraction on the blades motor plate, reused the orginal motor mount screws.

Decided to drill an aftermarket 12t pinion, longer overall than the blades unit.

Due to the increased motor can height the esc is now run under the chassis like on the 200srx, this actually makes it allot easier to see the low voltage led on the...Continue Reading