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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Dec 29, 2013 @ 01:08 PM | 5,485 Views
I was bored today and decided to open up a couple of engines for an internal inspection. First off was my ASP FS 61 which has about 1 hour of run time on in, bench and flight time. By looking at the inside I would have been hard pressed to believe I have run it that much. Note how much larger the intake valve is compared to the exhaust valve.

The other engine I opened up was my trusty Saito FA-45S. I have had this engine for a number of years, >10, but I don't know how much total runtime it has. Again, by looking at the internals it doesn't seem like much. See how the intake and exhaust valves are the same size in this engine?
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Dec 14, 2013 @ 02:02 PM | 5,245 Views
I now have (2) os FS-90 4 stroke engines. I just recently purchased my second one from a member here for a very good price, well under $100. It is just the engine, no box, paperwork or tools.

When it arrived it would not even turn over. The seller did not think there had been much run time on the engine but let me know the condition. As I always do with used engine purchases, I completely disassembled it. It had been run but by the looks of it not more than a few tanks. It was gummed up from the fuel/oil residue hardening inside.

I cleaned it up and very thoroughly and had it on the bench today. Just as my other FS-90 it started on the first flip. Soon it was turning a 14x6 at 8500 RPM. It would turn it more than that but this is usually where I set my 4 strokes while on the bench.

Now I have 2 very nice running FS-90's and no planes for them....Continue Reading