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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Apr 15, 2010 @ 02:57 PM | 23,038 Views
I just attended my last indoor for the year. The Weak Signals show was great, grueling and fun but now it's time to go outside!! Even though I'm still recovering from hitting the show floor in the morning and covering the ETOC from 6 until 11PM I must be ready to get outside because I spent yesterday working on the golf cart to make sure she is ready for the season ahead. I'm proud to say the tires are holding air, the battery is holding a charge and the ice cream truck musical horn can now play music from my Iphone!

SEFF is first up and I know the boys from Rite Wing are already on the ground over in GA. I'll head out Wednesday for the largest outdoor electric event in the world. On Sunday I won't say goodbye but "SEE YOU AT NALL!". That will be next on the RCG tour. Jim Bourke will be meeting us in SC with a free spirit and a 40 foot motor home. We will setup up camp RCGroups/FlyingGiants/CrackRoll and prepare to enjoy the 1,000 plus acres of giant scale, 3D, heli, electric and water flying. Uploading photos from the field in SC is tough too but that's what we do to make sure everyone can enjoy these events!

From there it's off to the XFC, IRCHA and after that I'll probably be ready for the winter so I can sit down for a minute!!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone, be sure to say "HEY"!...Continue Reading