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Posted by rdstarwalt | Sep 27, 2016 @ 08:39 AM | 12,861 Views
What have I been up to? Scanning and working through the amazing heirloom information Lisa Headley kindly shipped me from her family collection. Soon enough I will incorporate much of some amazing images in additional blog posts about her dad, Jack Headley.

As mentioned on an earlier blog HERE, the number of views your post receives will vary wildly. You post will eventually become a search result for the net and will probably quickly show up quicker than you think... usually. To make your post even more visible, cross links to other sites and posts here on RCG will certainly get bot attention.

That said, here is my latest view charting. The 'break' to work through Lisa's materials gave the blog time to normalize.

The highest viewed post is DYK #55 - Caproni Vizzola CJ-22J It has (as of this post) 88 views of the Gimped plan work. This is not the set of plans with the highest views.

The Hot Canary full size pdf is at 288 views (as of this post).
The F-18 Hornet pdf plans are at 157 views (as of...).
The General Aircraft Hamilcar is at 107 for the side view, but half that for the wing view (go figure).

I tend to think that views of pictures are closer to real people viewing a post rather than a bot. Then again, what do I know?


P.S. I have a very good theory as to why Jack named one airplane 'The Yellow Peril' . During the break I read Ted Coleman's book 'Jack Northrop and the Flying Wing'. My theory came from there and will be the subject of an upcoming post.