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Posted by rdstarwalt | Jan 29, 2016 @ 08:12 AM | 11,243 Views
...that Jack Headley took hang gliding lessons? I didnt' know this either. The attached photo is from Lisa Headley's personal collection. She commented that her dad did not continue the sport after he had finished his lessons. There seems to be no information about the location of this experience. I will probably drop Kevin Flynn an email and ask him if he remembers this. Perhaps even Kevin took lessons? Of course I am assuming the photo was taken in California.

In the photo we see Jack wearing long pants and a helmet. It is a beautiful day and he is seated on a swing-type chair that, if memory serves me well, was a common training method for new hang glider pilots. The glider is a Rogallo type and I mentioned Jack's version of a bungee launched Rogallo model a few posts ago.

This is yet another example of how flight and flying was a central driving force in Jack Headley's life. With my effort to report here Jack's published work essentially complete, the next several posts will focus on the images and information from Lisa. She is scanning and sending information from her family's collection and has consented to share them with you.

I thank her for allowing us to see more of her dad's love for flying and hope my efforts can help others see his talent and passion.

Posted by rdstarwalt | Jan 15, 2016 @ 07:42 AM | 11,325 Views
... the attached file may be the most complete chronological listing of Jack Headley's work? If you know of missing information, please respond and we can add it to the listing.

I have been unsuccessful in putting the information in the blog entry form to achieve a satisfactory 'look', thus the attached pdf (it will do).

Today's post will be short, but the listing you see was made from many, many months of work, research and traveling. Now that Lisa and her mom are in communication with me, the research can include more information from their family heirlooms and scrapbook.

Thank you for your attention and reading along!


UPDATE 12-MAR-2017
I obtained a missing "Headley" issue of Model Aviation last week and have updated my Chrono-listing of his articles/letters.
It has replaced the original listing attached to this post.

UPDATE 03-SEP-2018
Added 'Bonzo' as found from Outerzone. RCM&E article that may have been previously missed due to 'J. Headley' attribute rather than 'Jack' or 'J.W.'
Posted by rdstarwalt | Jan 08, 2016 @ 08:12 AM | 11,467 Views
...we cannot be certain how many models that Jack Headley designed are lost to us now. This project, unlike attempts to recover Mayan language, can benefit from a short span of time. We have excellent knowledge of most of Jack's work, but some will escape us unless folk come forward with more information not known to us now.

My list of 'Jack's Lost Models':

#1 Blue Max
I asked Kevin Flynn about Blue Max. He thinks that it was an Orange Julius, decorated in blue Monokote (or another iron-on covering).

#2 Northrop Long Range Model
There is one photo on the cover of an issue of the Northrop newsletter, but according to Jack, the model ended up being recycled into the Cyclops, the aircraft in the RCM article about the 8 mm movie camera. Lisa Headley had a very good quality B&W photo of her dad holding the Cyclops and we see that attached. +5 to Lisa! But lost it still is because we have no plans or other documentation to reproduce it.

#3 Hurricane
In Blog #62 I mentioned the Ono-Bird plans from the Northrop newsletter. The wing and tail for the Ono were based on a (currently) lost model, the Hurricane. We have good chance of finding the Hurricane if a complete copy of the January 1968 issue of the Norair Modeller is located. This is missing from the collection at the NMAM in Muncie.

#4 Tennis Rocket
Another Norair newsletter model that we have reference to, but no complete documentation. The July 1967 issue at the NMAM is missing the plans. This...Continue Reading
Posted by rdstarwalt | Jan 01, 2016 @ 03:38 PM | 12,987 Views
...one of the simplest Jack Headley drawings is of a Rogallo wing, seen in the Spring 1973 issue of the Northrop Aircraft Modeler? Jack credits the original design from a Polish model magazine obtained by Lynne Christensen (that's a well known name for any old school modeler). It was a single page sketch from the Spring 1973 issue of the Northrop Aircraft Modeler. The name of the newsletter changed after the company name changed from 'Norair' to Northrop.

In the notes, Jack credits the source of the model and basically admits this is a cover of that source. The Rogallo wing has been employed in many models of various types, but the original idea for the wing is fascinating. You should check out the Wiki article for more information.

This 'wing form' eventually lost out to parachutes when it came to recovery of space capsules. There are several videos on line about the Rogallo that demonstate the difficulties in deployment. Add to this the time crunch to 'beat the Russians' and the Rogallo concept proved less desirable in the long run.

The most significant application of the wing style was a simplified construction of home-built machines. It found a place for hang gliding enthusiasts who enjoyed the low cost that a Rogallo provided.

An interesting page about the space program tests with the Rogallo:

The Wiki page on the Rogallo Wing:

Happy New Year 2016!