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Posted by rdstarwalt | May 29, 2015 @ 07:40 AM | 4,274 Views
...that Jack Headley's chuck (hand launch for the North American flyers) semi-scale glider of the F-18 Hornet was another set of free plans? These were offered in the April 1981 issue of Aeromodeller. As I recall, this was only the 2nd published HLG/chuck glider that we know of from Jack's fertile mind. The other was in the Northrop club newsletter.

This would qualify for one of those quick builds that Kevin Flynn mentioned to me. Because those guys didn't keep records, that we know of, of all their builds probably a great way to ruin a hobby we have to go by what we can find in documentation available to us today. This model could probably be build in foamboard with appropriate reinforcing with some CF rods. How about a scaled up small motor E-version? Nothing is beyond reason or if you just want to go classic, make it as seen in the magazine.

Like most of Jack's UK articles, brevity rules and the one page we have completely leaves out a section on flying and trimming. There is a launch hook for a rubber/bungee sling. That seems appropriate for a fighter jet. Included is a modified version of the plans with a full wing span. Using Paint, I got some ridiculous size values indicated in the software so, remember that the original prints fit into a magazine. I am not sure where the pdf of the article and plan came from so, use with caution.

Maybe you will want to channel the inner kid in you again and build one? I sure am tempted.

Posted by rdstarwalt | May 22, 2015 @ 03:48 PM | 3,903 Views
...that Jack Headley was not mentioned at all in Kevin Flynn's design article 'Puffin' in the Janary 1975 issue of RCM? RCM was notorious for not giving photo credit except for the cover shots. If you were a young modeler (like me) those issues and their articles were fundamental in establishing a life long love of model building and flying. It didn't hurt that the covers also had pretty images.

I recently asked Kevin (via email) if he remembered Puffin and if he remembered who took the photos.

Doug I do remember the Puffin. God knows what happened to it when Jack passed. It was very difficult for me as I kept a lot of models at Jack's house and they were all in the attic.... All the models and engines, radios all the stuff we had was left at his house... There have been several models in kit form over the years that looked like my or Jacks designs but once the plan was sold to the magazines they owned all the rights to them. My brother took some of the photos. I can't remember all the details. I do remember that RCM wanted 2 1/4 Ektachrome transparencies of all the photos. I can tell you it was a real losing proposition in those days with the time spent and cost of film and processing.

You will find Puffin on Outerzone. Search for Kevin Flynn or just 'Flynn' and the entire article and scanned plan set will be there. I like it. With a Proctor Antic kind of look (read Kevin's article to get the real inspiration), I definitely think it is on my 'to build' list.


Posted by rdstarwalt | May 15, 2015 @ 07:02 AM | 8,772 Views
...that the Caproni Vizzola C-22J was the last known model design published by Jack Headley in a UK magazine? In the March 1984 issue of RCM&E, we also see the last known public photo of Lisa Headley. Gone is the little girl we watched grow up in her dad's articles. We see a vibrant young woman who smiles at the camera, probably operated by her dad. As mentioned in Blog #4, we also know that Jack took his final flight nearly a year earlier in 1983. The oddities of publication schedules and calendars can cause this type of posthumous publication. Even more sad, in my opinion, is the magazine never even mentioned Jack's passing in the article. Model Aviation did with their publication of Jack's last article.

With today's socially connected communication network, we can know within minutes the change in someone's health or what they had for breakfast. We have images from over the years of Jack, Kevin, Lisa, and Samantha. I'd give $100 to actually hear Jack's voice discussing one of his designs and the ideas and development around it. This makes me wonder if that 8mm movie camera he strapped into one of his planes had sound? If so, maybe some home movies exist? Lisa, if you find this and the other posts, please reach out and let us all know.

Getting back to the model, I think this plane plan is still available via the X-Plans path so, I will attach an early version of my rework. [EDIT: Here a link for all the Jack Headley plans at MyHobbyStore. The Caproni is available.] This is not ready for scale up yet and even with my high res scanning, the base material was very difficult to work with and work up into something that might make a plane.

Also attached are the scans of the article. I will let Lisa's smile speak for itself.

As I work with the plans, in time, a response place holder will be created for the 'final' version. There is something bittersweet about a final plan but, it is somewhat appropriate that the model is a glider.

Posted by rdstarwalt | May 08, 2015 @ 07:44 AM | 4,120 Views
...that the Piper Cherokee by Jack Headley, a free plan in the December 1969 issue of RCM&E, is one of the few three wheel aircraft he modeled? I previously mentioned the Piper Cherokee in blog post #20 and will not repost the article pages but, I have the plans at a 'good enough' point to put them here. There were vertical artifacts in my copy of the original plans and I have left them intact. The original is a orange-ish paper stock with large fiber that was easily seen after the 600 x 600 dpi scan. A few imperfections exist in due to my Gimp and scanning skills but, an experienced builder can see the way to a model.

I am not sure why Jack modeled so few tri-gear aircraft. It is clear that his major love was sailplanes as evidenced by the abundant numbers we know about. This model was a single channel design but, with today's small systems and the right skill/mods, you might get a 5 channel aircraft out of this.

I thank you again for taking the time to read these posts. We are nearing the end of known material for Jack and when that day comes, it may be time to expand some of the existing posts into builds of his work.

Posted by rdstarwalt | May 01, 2015 @ 07:34 PM | 4,380 Views
...I am working on cleaning up two plans for future blog posts - Caproni-Vizzola C22J and the Piper Cherokee. Work has been nuts the last two weeks and my RC club is having an electric fly-in this weekend. There was not enough time to get new material posted and I offer my apologies.

The C22J has been mentioned previously and was published posthumously in RCM&E. It may be available via the 'X-Plans' offerings but, I am not certain. The Piper Cherokee, also mentioned in a previous post, was offered as a free plan but, is also not available on OZ.

I am pleased to note that several Headley designs have been turning up on OZ lately. I can't take credit for putting them there but, I like to think bringing his work into modern light is helping build a fan base. Credit is not important but, making them (and the work of many other designers) known is most important.

Until next week - go fly or build!