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Posted by rdstarwalt | Apr 25, 2014 @ 01:38 PM | 4,471 Views
...that Jack Headley was the editor of the Norair Modeler - the newsletter of the Northrop model airplane club?'

The Norair Modeler (or 'Modeller' depending on JWH's UK humor) frequently had full size plans in an issue. Many of these plans were by Headley. Other plans were by other well known modelers such as Gus Morfis. Gus also worked at Northrop at the same time as JWH.

When I work out how to post photos, more JWH treats will show up here. I hope to post information each Friday and will, of course, respond to any queries or replies to posts when needed.

Posted by rdstarwalt | Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:10 AM | 3,971 Views
Hello modeling enthusiasts!

I am in the process of cataloging all of the work and effort regarding aircraft modeling by Jack Headley .
There is very little information about him on the 'net and this work intends to correct that.
He had, at my latest count, over 50 published (magazine) designs and many more designs in club publications.

This is an initial appeal to modelers, especially in the Los Angeles area, for:
  • Information regarding Jack
  • Any newsletters about the Northrop Air Model Aircraft Club
  • Contacts you may have with family or friends of Jack
    (Kevin Flynn is especially a valued contact)
Update: Kevin Flynn has been located and in email contact.

One goal of this effort is a biography to be entered in the History Project of the NMAM in Muncie, IN.

Check here for updates as the work progresses.

I visited the NMAM last week and found important information regarding Jack Headley. The archivist there was super and a real professional.

Doug Starwalt
Anderson, SC