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Posted by holtneil | Aug 22, 2014 @ 07:05 AM | 5,403 Views
Hi guys , well 500 pro is great i had to re-flash 3GX from v5 back to 3.2 , due to tail wag or tail kick , but 3.2 flys well, now looking into a cobra AH-1 body heliartist one comes with aircrew the align one is just body , do i want to spend 100 more for aircrew with the heliartist , if i can get it over here then yes its look so much more scale
The airwolf has been set back due to the black angel not fitting in , so if your getting one your need a pro air frame the angel is to tall and the tail servo stops the heli from fitting in the body , not happy as it says in the copterx site it fits , just glad i didnt buy second angel to fit in this body , so its on hold for now , want to get trex dressed up first as it flys so nice
keep well happy flying
Here are some photos of the trex and i tried to keep install clean i hate wires every where
well the heliartist AH-1 will not fit the new 500 pro , so i will have to go with the align cobra , there is a add on fitting kit due to the new 500 pro having the wrong type of bottom plate ,battery plate and some other parts just glad they do a...Continue Reading