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Posted by Old_Pilot | Apr 13, 2016 @ 04:30 PM | 5,154 Views
Clocked at a little over 130 with a data logger...I'll get video when the wind calms down.

Einzpfeil 90 - 32" WS x 42" OAL Elmers board (with a few carbon fiber sticks....LOL) airframe, 50% KFM-2 airfoil, 90mm Freewing 6 bladed fan, Freewing 3553-1750 kV motor, 80 A ESC, 3300 mah 40C 6s battery, Futaba S-3004 servos, Lemon 6-channel full range Rx, 0.156 CF spars, CF tape for leading edges...and a Wendy's 40 oz plastic drink cup for the fan nacelle....I'll post the plans and patterns here if you guys are interested.......here's a video of her sister ship

StealthStream 10 1 90 mm Fan (3 min 44 sec)