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Posted by A Useless Geek | Feb 22, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 30,722 Views
A lot of people have asked me about plans for the Longhorn. Well, I ain't gots no plans because I'm a Lazy Bumģ. However, I have some images to show the dimensions and some instruction on how to build one:


I've made some changes to the way I assemble these planes now. One thing is I eliminated the fuselage spar in the back by extending the horizontal stab with a strake. This spreads the stresses out and prevents the fuse from breaking without adding the mass of a CF or spruce spar. Another change is to go back to the laminated fuselage made from two pieces of 6mm foam with a bit of sheer nylon curtain material in between.

Of course, this depends on using the right material: Model Plane Foam. This stuff has the exact right properties to build a plane that's flexible enough to bend without breaking, but stiff enough to support the kind of crazy performance for which the Longhorn is known.

Iíve discovered a lot of phunky properties of this plane, but havenít recorded a lot of my experiences yet. Let me take some time to sort this good stuff out and Iíll eventually add everthing Iíve found to this thread. In the mean time, build a Longhorn for yer own bad sef and make your own discoveries!
Posted by A Useless Geek | Feb 22, 2013 @ 12:04 PM | 30,143 Views
So, the Barnstormers had a Fun Fly out at the dome last night, with the contest being a Balloon Break. In this case we used balloons suspended from a catenary pole held aloft between two end poles. Lots of people flying all kinds of aircraft trying to get between the end poles first, under the catenary second, and targeting the balloons last. More than a few collisions between folks going for the same balloon. General hilarity ensued. I had more phun than I've had in months, and laughed hard enough to split a seam.

But poor ol' #4 was the victim in all this frivolity. I guess 176 qualified flights (minimum five minutes, contiguous, not interrupted by damaging crash requiring other than a prop change) was enough for that airframe. I got clobbered by multiple aircraft, bounced off the poles a few times, and only popped two or three balloons. Oh, well.

My next Longhorn will be made from MPF, of course. This one will have some fairly high dihedral to promote tight spirals and wicked turning response. I still have one old unit made from PBIII and Pink, but that one doesn't get used very often. I'm thinking of giving it away.
Posted by A Useless Geek | Feb 12, 2013 @ 04:35 AM | 30,661 Views
So, I'm thinking about a stupidly fast foam plane for the summer. I've seen folks going pretty fast with Multiplex Funjets and such, but my target is 300 KPH, about 186 MPH. I'm not interested in any kind of hotliner, since those things just look too ugly to me. I want to build -- or at least assemble -- something jettery with a single motor and a single prop. Not an EDF, not a turbine. A prop.

It's fairly easy to get small stuff to go relatively fast. I built a perversion of a Pinkstar with a Blue Wonder 3000kV motor that does in the 60 MPH range (haven't instrumented it yet), and that's not even trying very hard. (60 MPH doesn't seem very fast outside, but in the golf dome it's at the limit of my abilities.) Lots of folks have pushed scratch Funjet clones of various types to the 200-250 KPH range. What does it take to get over the cliff and hit 300?

Suggestions welcome.