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Posted by A Useless Geek | Jan 15, 2011 @ 03:53 PM | 7,017 Views
So, I'm getting my stuff assembled for the Dome E-Niter tonight. Gots a few airplanes ready, but there are a bunch more not sufficiently put together to make it. Too bad, because I really wanted to fly some of my MS Composit stuff that I've modded to the hilt. Got a Bat Glider that works pretty well if I don't roll it on the ground and destroy the motor (done that twice already). The Swift II is finally flying properly, so I can use that tonight. Scott Barrie's Maxi Swift is almost ready to put back together; I might actually get that ready to fly. If it comes in under two pounds (900 grams) then I can fly it at the dome! That would be a trick, getting that behemoth to turn in such a confined space. Heh.

Also, I am providing one of the simulators for newbs to use in training. I'm planning to bring in my 42 inch LCD TV as a display, but I might have to settle for the 27.5 inch LCD off my desk if I run out of room in my car.

Anyway, it looks to be a good time tonight. We'll see about turnout. Stan Warden was getting all kinds of phone calls about the event, so that may be an indicator.