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Posted by A Useless Geek | Aug 20, 2009 @ 04:56 PM | 7,119 Views
So, I've been meaning to build a Dart of some form for quite a while now. First I had to flip out some Yardarms and Simple Sisters, so they're out of the way now. Anyway, I wanted to try a Dart without any real planning just to see if I could do one like that. No measurements, nuthin'.

I started with a partial sheet of O-C pink stuff. I eyeballed how much span I could get by width (not by length) and set a baseline for the root chord that way. My original intent was to make the wing a single piece with a notch running down the middle of the top side. I ended up splitting the wing halves because it was easier that way.

Next came the horizontal stab. There was an appropriately-sized piece of pink lying next to the cutting board, so I shaped that. I eyeballed a proper amount of wing/stab overlap and chose a fuselage length that would put the front end of the fuse at the leading edge of the wing root and the aft end of the fuse where the elevator started. The fuse started as two panels doubled up with angle cuts at the top for the wing assembly to nestle into. I later decided to add a third, middle, panel containing the vertical stab. Although the fuse is pretty thick with three panels glued together it isn't too heavy. There is no CF or bamboo anywhere to be found.

The original wing dihedral was way too tall, so I had to open it up some. That left a gap between the wing halves. Gorilla Glue on the wetted wing cured that problem, and may have even made for a much stronger center section than I had anticipated.

Stay tuned for Dart completion, Real Soon Now.