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Posted by VicT | Jul 31, 2016 @ 11:31 PM | 5,794 Views
I made my own wiring and plug harness because I could not find a made up harness. This looks like a substitute without having to solder and use heat shrink.

One 3 connector harness would connect the aileron, flap, and light plug from the left wing panel and another 3 connector harness would connect the right wing panel. Total cost would be $18 X 2= $36 plus shipping.
Posted by VicT | Jul 31, 2016 @ 11:04 PM | 5,794 Views
I've used wired earbuds to listen to the audio sounds from my DX9 transmitter. They improve the quality of listening especially in a noisy environment like club airfields where 2 stroke and other loud noises are present. The headsets reduce distractions from those talking to you and when they see the headsets they tend to stop talking. You can remove one of the earbuds next to your student/copilot so communications are optimized. However the cable that connects the transmitter to the headset/earbuds gets in the way and is a nuisance. I researched a transmitter and headsets to try out and they work great.
For under $30 it's a good alternative to the built in speakers and/or wired earbuds of the DX 6,7,8,9 and 18 transmitters.

Here is the Bluetooth transmitter for under $10.

Here is the Bluetooth receiver/headset for under $10.

The headsets arrived first and I paired them with my I phone, and I phone. They worked fine. I had to wait until the transmitter arrived to try out the DX 9 audio. It took about 1 hour to re charge the headset and transmitter batteries and read the instructions. I had to unpair the headsets from my IPhone before I could pair the headsets to the transmitter. They work fine and volume can be adjusted from the DX9 or headsets.