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Posted by dz1sfb | Dec 11, 2013 @ 12:16 PM | 77,086 Views
Been playing around with designing a mini H quad. After tracking the RD230, BAH Mini H Quad, and QAV 250, not to mention a few others, this is where I am headed in design.

This is most similar to the BAH design, but with some design tweaks that I would like to see and am building into the prototype.

1. Folding arms with positive stops and no slots for bolts to slide in or through.

2. Where possible M2 fasteners to be used. This reduces the mass in the fasteners by at least half. Prototype is using all M3 fasteners.

3. Less stylish shape on clean plates to trade for simpler and efficient use of materials.

4. Protoype is in .063" FR4 G10 material, though the clean plates may end up as carbon fiber. I want to get a functioning airframe first.

5. Distance across motor centers is 254mm (10").

6. Flight Controller used for this project is a MultiWii Lite, which has 35mm on center mounting holes. So it accommodates a number of FCs.

7. Intended mission of this design is for FPV, but not necessarily capturing video. Just to have fun and experience compact agile proximity flying.

8. Motors are Suppo style 1510 2200 Kv, Turnigy Plush 10A ESCs, and Gemfan 5 x 3 props. Intended battery is a 1300 mAh 2s or 3s battery.

9. FPV equipment is Fatshark 250mW 5.8 gHz VTX and 600 TVL camera as well.

Posted by dz1sfb | Dec 05, 2013 @ 09:18 PM | 73,030 Views

This build log has been a long time coming and hopefully will be helpful to those building my kit of JimmyJFlyer's J-Bug. This is a work in progress at this point.

Kits are available through my website at

- Bob Smith Ind. Foam Cure
- Thin CA

Tools Required

- Hobby Knife with #11 blade
- 1" wide Blue Painters Tape
- 8" Sanding Block with 100-150 grit paper

Written Directions

Recommended Sequence
1. Carbon Fiber Installation
- Install all carbon rods in foam parts except for wing rubber band dowels.

Tip - It is easier to leave the parts in their carrier sheets until needed. This protects the parts making handling easier and less chance of damage.

2. Fuselage Doublers
- Remove Pylon Doublers and Fuselage Spine Doublers from carrier sheets. These have corresponding cuts to allow fitting to one another. Glue one Pylon Doubler to one Fuselage Spine Doubler. Make 2, one right, and one left. These then get assembled to the vertical fuselage/pylon panel.

3. WIng Assembly
- Gently block sand the wing root on the preformed wing panels, just enough to provide a flat butt joint. Once accomplished, glue the wing joint and use a piece of tape to hold the joint together while the glue cures.

4. Firewall / Landing Gear Assembly
- Remove all necessary plywood parts from the laser cut sheet for the firewall and landing gear. I use CA glue to put these parts together.

5. Horizontal...Continue Reading