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Posted by PeterVRC | Nov 18, 2013 @ 01:04 AM | 17,134 Views
Just when it seemed safe to go to HobbyKing.....
The AustWH got more stock of the Boeing Stearman Model 75 PT-17 and I had been watching for that for quite a while.... resisting getting another plane when they did have stock a month or two back.
But I don't have a BIPLANE !!!! LOL

All reports say it is good....
Opening and checking the parts - it looks GOOD!
Others say it is well thought out, designed and implemented - more or less.... and it seems so by the looks.

Could this be the first ever "Truly plug and fly" foamie I have seen????
Not likely... but nothing stands out right away.

The competition for "Choice of Biplane" was fiercely fought out between the PT-17 and the Dynam Albatross DV.a !
Both are favourites of mine, neck and neck.... and if all things were equal then the Albatross probably would have won instead!
But the PT-17 has ALL parts colour coded ready to go - not the many grey plastic parts that Dynam do..
The Albatross also looks lairy - like a piece of bubblegum! So it would need some painting and improving there!
The Albatross costs $191 delivered.... the PT-17 was $166... and they are close to the same total result. The Dynam being 1270mm instead of 1200mm though, but needs more work - painting - which is a pain too.
Thus the PT-17 won out!! Boeing.... err UniqueModels... got the contract!!

COULD this be built, "properly", and flying in ONE day ????