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Posted by burkefj | Nov 13, 2012 @ 02:32 PM | 11,716 Views
I've updated my Bomarc plans to reflect the A or B model wing/ramjets. I redesigned the ramjets to not have an X form but just double of the side view and it looks like it will work fine and weigh the same. I think it makes a cleaner look. I built this one as an A model with the wing and pods moved back and AUW rtf is 11.3 oz with an E-6RC motor.

Doing the ramjets by doubling them allowed me to round them more and it gives a better shape, I think.

I did the markings on the pieces/painting first before assembly and was very careful with the CA when applying to avoid running the marker lines. I used model master "titanium" for the ramjet rear ends, and some Q-tip shafts for the pitot/counterbalance probe thingys...

I used styrene sheet on each side of the fuse to support the rail buttons as well as give something solid to drill and glue to when attaching the ramjets.

I also added styrene strips to the bottom of the ramjets to help them survive landing rash as well as the underside of the nose, and used contact cement(uhu por) to attach it. I don't indicate that in the plans, if you land on trimmed grass it probably isn't necessary, but I already had the styrene on hand.

I did this one in a slightly different white color scheme I found with a black nose and use sharpie pens to do the panel lines/accents, sig stars and bars and vinyl letters from Office Max.

Build time was approx 8 hours including cutting plans, dry fitting, markings and finishing.

Test flight in 8 mph winds was good, boost was vertical, just a bit of weather cocking at the end of the boost that was easily adjusted back to vertical. Glide setting was fine. This is using the same relative CG position (relative to the wing LE where it hits the top view fuse profile) as the B model. IE mark the wing as shown on the plans for CG, move the wing back to the A model position and the same CG markings will apply.

Plans are updated on the plans page.

Posted by burkefj | Nov 07, 2012 @ 06:09 PM | 13,241 Views
I was on a business trip and was able to stop by the White sands missile range and the alamogordo space museum. I have to say that seeing a bunch of those rockets and missiles I have built models of was really exciting. I was able to actually touch a Pershing and Bomarc Missile The Talos is a huge missile. Hopefully you will enjoy the closeup shots. They had their V-2 refurbished and it is one of the most complete V-2's in existance. They had it made into a cutaway so you can see the internal structure and tanks, etc. They had some of the V-2 skin left over and were selling it mounted on a base, so I bought some real german December of 1944 V-2 skin I'm such a dork. Really, I'd encourage anyone in the area to go to the white sands missile park, it was outstanding.

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