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Posted by Bakkie | Nov 07, 2010 @ 02:27 PM | 5,433 Views
I had my first big crash yesterday after flying for 3 months.

I knew that it had to happen but I was expecting crashing my Parkzone Extra 300 and not my ZAlly Slopy but then again the ZAlly is much faster than the extra....

I taught myself flying on a flight sim and it was difficult flying with other people in the beginning. I almost had to force myself not to think about crashing or flying into other planes in order to have fun and enjoy the day.... if it happens it's gonna happen.... I am flying cos I am enjoying it and stressing about flying into someone else's plane could ruin your day!

Don't get me wrong I am still flying responsible but not conservative!

My big worry is that I enjoy sloping but have no idea how to build and sloping is pretty much building intense... If i crash my extra I can buy another but if I crash my Mig-7 or ZAlly I have to ask nicely for someone to repair it and I like to be self sufficient

SSssoooo I'm gonna start paying attention to building threads and give a build or 2 a try.....

I'm think I'm gonna start with a 1.6meter flying wing which I'll use as an FPV platform