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Posted by sparks | Mar 05, 2010 @ 02:49 PM | 63,783 Views
Over the years I have found it necessary to make several tools that are either not commercially available or are simply too expensive.
being a hobbyist I have taken it upon myself to make the tools myself. I have no plans available for any of this, I'm simply getting the ideas out there.
Any one that wants to take the idea and run with is welcome to .

The first one is a tape dispenser.
I found that picking at the tape to get a strip cost time.
No big deal until you are put on a pot life deadline.
While the epoxy cures, there I was picking at the tape roll or looking for it this cured the whole problem.
When I pulled at the first one it fell to the shop floor and broke.
With the next one I added improvements and have worked out all the bugs.