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Posted by fastmax | Jul 31, 2017 @ 05:30 PM | 11,014 Views
KingKong has built quite the reputation for themselves over the past year or so with some well priced, well tuned, good flying racing drones. Their 90GT brushless micro has been very successful, and very popular among back yard, and park pilots since its introduction. They are now taking their brushless micros to the next level with the KingKong FLY EGG 100.

Equipped with a DShot compatible 4 in 1 ESC, a PIKO BLX F3 flight controller, and a thick, robust carbon frame, with 7075 aluminum alloy upper frame supports protecting the stack, and FPV gear. This quad is built for speed, and is designed to be able to withstand some extreme punishment. The result is a great looking, and excellent performing micro that flies much like it's bigger brothers.
These new KingKong micros are available as a Flysky, Frsky, Futaba, or Spektrum BNF, or as a PNP model without receiver. They come equipped with BetaFlight right out of the box, and give a great flying experience without the need for any additional tuning.

The quad, and accessories come nicely packaged in a handy storage/travel box. They include 2 sets of props, a prop removal tool, a couple spare battery straps, prop protectors, motor protectors, a cable for connecting to the PC, and a 350mah 2s 35c battery. You will only need your choice of radio, and a charger to get in the air.

After getting in some stick time with this little racer, I am incredibly impressed with how it performs. Punch is excellent, flight is super stable, and...Continue Reading
Posted by fastmax | Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:41 PM | 10,526 Views
We all know that Tiny Whoops are the kings of indoor quadcopters. Their tiny size, combined with protected props, and excellent flight stability make them an absolute blast to fly around the house or office.

Everyone that is into RC quadcopters is familiar with quads such as the FuriBee F36, JJRC H36, Eachine E010, etc. All of these are great flying, inexpensive little drones that make excellent FPV machines simply by adding an AIO camera. The only problem is that once you add the extra weight of the camera, the little 6mm motors are worked harder, the quad becomes less zippy, and the flight times on the stock 150mah battery are drastically reduced.

Now I introduce to you, the new Redpawz R010. This little quad may look like just another clone of the H36, or F36, but don't let the looks fool you. It is actually an improvement on the well proven design of these popular whoops. Click me to purchase at GeekBuying

The R010 has been given a boost in the performance department by replacing the standard 6mm motors with 7mm motors. This gives the R010 more punch, and speed than its competitors, which in turn improves performance when carrying a camera.

The improvements don't stop there either. Since they knew that the motors would be more power hungry, the R010 also comes with a 260mah 30c battery for improved flight times.

With these improvements you're probably thinking ok, but how much does the price jump up compared to the others? Well, I am happy to say that you can get this new, improved model for a mere $15.99 which is only a couple dollars more than the F36 or H36, and far less than it would cost to upgrade the motors and battery on a different model.

Let's check this cool new quad out!

Stay tuned for flight video with, and without an AIO camera mounted.
Posted by fastmax | Jul 20, 2017 @ 10:51 AM | 10,227 Views
The new KaiDeng K130 Alpha is a mini WiFi, FPV, flying egg. This cool little quadcopter can be flown using your tablet, or smartphone, and much to my surprise is actually an excellent flying little drone. Click me to purchase from GeekBuying.

I am not usually a fan of models that are flown using smart devices. The lack of physical sticks seems to make my thumbs forget how to fly. This little quad however gives me no such problems, and right away I was impressed with just how easy it is to control.

The WiFi FPV also works quite well, and I am able to maneuver around the room without ever actually looking at the quad. Many of these WiFi FPV quads have enough lag in the feed, that you might be running into something before it appears that close on your screen. This little flying egg doesn't seem to suffer from this problem.

Don't be fooled by its small size either. This mini quad is loaded with features, such as altitude hold, headless mode, and one key take off, and landing.
If you're looking for a small quadcopter to fly FPV around the house, or office, then this unique looking little egg might be just what you're after. At around $35 it is also very affordable.

Stay tuned for flight video!
Posted by fastmax | Jul 05, 2017 @ 10:37 PM | 18,476 Views
EDIT 6/4/2018 Now on sale for only $179 Click me to order.

The Ender Desktop 3D Printer Kit is now in stock and ships for free to the USA via priority mail. Shipping to other countries will vary based upon your location.

Right off the bat, I want to say that this is my first experience with a 3D printer of any kind. I knew right away that I wanted something compact, that wouldn't take up a lot of space, but could still print all the neat little trinkets, and quadcopter parts etc. that I knew I'd want to make.

This printer comes as a kit, and does require quite a bit of assembly, however, do not let that scare you off. The build is not difficult, and the instructional video on the included micro SD card is easy enough to follow. I recommend pausing it at several stages, so that you can get a good look at what direction things are being assembled. The instructional video is 22 minutes in length. With pausing it, going back and double checking things, and sometimes watching a step twice, I managed to have my printer together in about 2 hours. Not bad considering I'd never laid a finger on a 3D printer prior to today.

The quality of the printer seems very good. The fit and finish on all parts is great. I noticed very little play in anything while building it, and after I had it leveled, I grabbed a file from Thingiverse for an FPV camera mount to try as my first print. I put the file on the micro SD card, installed the card, selected the file, and 45 minutes later I had my...Continue Reading