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Posted by FlightZoomer | Jul 31, 2016 @ 04:12 AM | 3,499 Views
FlightZoomer News! +++ FlightZoomer News! +++ FlightZoomer News!

Since my last blog post, I not only have released the next major version 2.0 of FlightZoomer, but also a minor release 2.1, where the autopilot algorithms are improved quite a bit.

Check out this video, to see how FlightZoomer version 2.1 works:
FlightZoomer Version 2.1 - A real flight showing the improvements (7 min 25 sec)

As a comparison the same flight done with version 2.0:
FlightZoomer Version 2.0 - a real flight! (9 min 8 sec)
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Posted by FlightZoomer | Jul 03, 2016 @ 09:37 AM | 10,779 Views
FlightZoomer Version 2 has been released! Check the new features! (14 min 38 sec)

After my last post, a lot of work has been put into my project FlightZoomer to prepare the version 2.0 release. Today I am pleased to announce that the software is finished.

The apps are available for free so there is nothing that could stop you from flying your drone according to IFR rules (except the regulatory requirements, which should strictly be followed)!

In the video above, I go through the highlights of FlightZoomer version 2.0, so you not only see the system "working" but also get an impression of the look&feel as well as the capabilities of the new autopilot.

The covered topics in this video are:
◾The autopilot simulation mode. It allows to demonstrate and train the autopilot features with just the groundstation app as a stand-alone unit. All the other components are simulated
◾The autopilot itself
◾The Flight Management System
◾How a flight plan is created on the fly in a couple of seconds
◾How an ILS radio receiver is tuned
◾The camera control panel on the groundstation looks
◾And - last but not least - a demonstration of an ATC-guided (air traffic control) approach to the tuned ILS

Some screenshots from the video can be found below.

For those who hear about this project the first time, here are some bullet points:
◾Smartphone based systems, that aim to recreate the avionics of a real...Continue Reading