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Posted by Justwingit | Aug 27, 2013 @ 11:07 PM | 11,156 Views
Okay gang,

I finally have had the time to really sit down and pour through the DOZENS of wonderful photos Bill took Saturday. I would have done it sooner, but we a little bit of a flood here on the outpost Sunday afternoon and it's been anything but business as usual out here on the frontier of civilization since...

In any event, as I said earlier, I poured over literally dozens of photos taken by the artist himself, and it's really, really hard to choose the cream of the crop when they're all so good. I've attached some real lookers for y'all, and there's a special surprise: the Storch and the Stuka finally made some formation flights this weekend ! Not surprisingly, it was actually easier to form up and stay together than with the Bf-109...DUH ! The Storch and the Stuka have an area within their respective flight envelopes where Dan and I can work together and Bill can snap away!

For those who've never tried formation flying, let me tell you, it's very, very nerve wracking. The pilots MUST be side by side and constantly communicating in order to pull it off...and I mean such mundane things as "throttling up" or "turning right, gently" and so on. In order to get the shots we do, I normally set-up waaaay out, flight straight and level, and let Dan form up on me. With the Stuka, it works like a charm, and after a couple of passes, we were even flying coordinated turns !

Bill also got numerous photos of me enjoying my little Storch up close and...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Aug 08, 2013 @ 05:36 PM | 12,095 Views
Well, it finally happened...the Storch is no longer a drone !

Due to RCG member hillbille's constant encouragement (or chiding, whatever the case may be...) I decided to finally fix the Storch's only real glaring issue; the fact that there's no pilot figure .

After looking at all the fantastic photos Dan and Bill have taken of the Storch as it slowly cruised around the dry lakebed, it sank in that there's just something missing that would really set it off. And frankly, Bill's right: it needed a pilot figure. While digging around my parts box earlier this week, I realized I had a relic from the past, a leftover pilot figure I had yanked out of a 1400mm FMS Zero a little over a year ago. I liked the Zero, but it was just too big and I sold it last summer. But before I did that, I took out the pilot figure as I thought he was just a tad too small for that model. Besides, he looked decidedly more Caucasoid than Asian, so I figured it was time for him to go. Tossed him in the box and forgot about him. No wonder he looked so melancholy...

Segue to this past Monday, when I was digging through the box looking for something else and stumbled across this little guy....Hmmm...I thought he just might do the trick. So with a little cosmetic surgery (basically just removing his oxygen mask that was already hanging loose near his chest) and a uniform change I think he looks the part.

I did some fairly in-depth research on this, and found out that there really wasn't a "...Continue Reading