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Posted by ww5302 | Jul 01, 2019 @ 04:42 AM | 4,150 Views
We often see a lot of people on the forum to talk about the problem of Polymer Lithium Battery swelling. In fact, Lithium battery puffy is a comment phenomenon. The reason of battery swellingrelated to many factors. Such as production process, use method, use environment and so on.

Let me give you analysis the reason why a Lithium Polymer graphene battery will swelling:

(1)Poor encapsulation: Top sealing, Side sealing, and Degassing, poor encapsulation on either side can cause the Lipo battery cells to swell. Poor encapsulation will cause moisture in the air into the Lipo battery cell inside, which causes the electrolyte to break down and produce gas. But at present, the poor encapsulation cause the battery cell puffy rate has been greatly reduced.

(2)The moisture content inside the lipo battery cell exceeds the standard: There is a certain requirement for moisture content in the battery cell. Once the moisture content exceeds the standard, the electrolyte will fail, thus producing gas after the degassing.

(3)Abnormal vacuum extraction: Abnormal vacuum extraction due to system or machine reasons. The heat radiation area of the vacuum seal is too large, so the air-extraction bayonet can't penetrate the pocket effectively, and the air-extraction is not clean.

(4)Corrosion: Polymer Lithium Battery Cell Corrosion, aluminum layer consumed by the reaction, loss of water barrier role, so the battery swelling.

(5)Pocket surface damage: the surface of the...Continue Reading
Posted by ww5302 | May 21, 2019 @ 07:16 AM | 1,669 Views
I'm sure that this situation happens to a lot of people, that is the Lipo battery is dead after it used a few times. And users' first reaction must be that the Lipo battery isn't good enough. As long as you buy a reliable brand, as long as you use the Lipo battery in the right way, the Lipo battery will last a long time.

Let's start with what might kill the Lipo battery:

The 1st reason: It is not correct for Lipo batteries to store at full power or no power for long periods of time. If you don't use your Lipo battery for a long period of time, such as 1 month, 6 months, or even longer. Then proper handling way will ensure that your Lipo battery will be good in storage.

For Storage, take note of the following:

(1)In general, we recommend that the customers store the Lipo battery at half power. And the temperature of the storage environment is about 25 C.

(2)Before storage, charge the Lipo battery for the last time. Check the voltage of each Lipo battery cell. Make sure that the Lipo battery cell voltage is almost the same (error + /-0.01V). Then discharge, release about 50-60% of the power, and then save.

(3)If the Lipo battery is not used for more than 1 month. Then check the voltage of each Lipo battery cell regularly every month. To ensure that the lowest battery voltage is not less than 3.0V, if less than 3.0V, then try to charge and discharge again.

The 2ndreason: Many users always overcharge or over-discharge their Lipo batteries while using
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