Posted by Skyoung | Jul 13, 2019 @ 11:22 AM | 2,991 Views
My XIRO Xplorer connects, all lights good, but when I pull down to start the motors they won’t start. Nothing, not even a twitch.
Anyone have experience with this issue?
Posted by GroundControlRC | Jul 13, 2019 @ 08:04 AM | 3,164 Views
DustOff #3 - FlyBear SU-35 Micro ParkJet - Much Fun!

Here is a link to the Video:

This tiny ParkJet has just been collecting dust so it's time to Blow the Dust Off ;-)

This ParkJet is a bit Tail Heavy so watch our Tuning Flights to find the Sweet Spot for Nose Weight ;-)

Here are links to this ParkJet:

Flybear FX-820 2.4G 2CH Remote Control SU-35 Glider 290mm Wingspan EPP Micro Indoor RC Airplane Aircraft RTF

Flybear FX-820 2.4G 2CH Remote Control SU-35 Glider 290mm Wingspan EPP Micro Indoor RC Airplane Aircraft RTF

Here is a link to some batteries that will work as spares:

Eachine E010S Micro FPV RC Quadcopter Spare Parts 3.7V 150MAH 45C Battery

Eachine E010S Upgrade 3.7V 240MAH 45C Battery

Here is a link to our Review of this Plane:
Review - FlyBear FX-820 2.4G 2CH Remote Control SU-35 Jet (16 min 59 sec)

Here is the Flight that finds the Sweet Spot for the Nose Weight:
Flight 7 - FlyBear SU-35 Nose Weight Test, I found the sweet spot ;-) (13 min 16 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by y.takahashi | Jul 13, 2019 @ 07:35 AM | 3,177 Views
Hk TurboJet Cacilhas Premie Launched! .
My latest work, Hk TurboJet Cacilhas Premie.
I am the 13th JETFOIL.
Posted by Bill M - RC | Jul 13, 2019 @ 07:06 AM | 3,197 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

URUAV UR85HD Bushido Cinewhoop review. This UR85HD Bushido 85mm Crazybee F4 PRO 2-3S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone review includes unboxing, inspection, peek under the canopy, betaflight settings, firmware update, binding, OSD settings, camera, dvr & flight tests. Flight action starts at 30:11,…hope you enjoy.

Get this UR85HD Bushido 85mm Crazybee F4 PRO 2-3S Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone here now:

URUAV UR85HD Bushido Cinewhoop review (36 min 58 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Jul 13, 2019 @ 05:05 AM | 3,251 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Mes neurones en ont pris un coup ! lol . J'ai en test aujourd'hui le SG-906 BEAST de chez ZLRC. Le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que les options de contrôle ne manquent pas . Par contre la mise en oeuvre de ces différentes options est un peu complexe selon moi, un coup il faut couper la radio, un coup il faut démarrer rapidement pour être en mode 1 (visual positionning) , un coup il faut enlever l'anti-shake , etc ... En bref, je pense que l'innovation est sympa et assez fiable mais elle mériterais d'être simplifiée avec, par exemple, un bouton pour passer du mode 1 au mode 2 et un bouton pour activer ou désactiver l'anti-shake. En bref, je suis assez satisfait dans l'ensemble car ce qui est annoncé fonctionne mais un peu déçu par la qualité des images même si ce jour la , le vent n'a pas vraiment aidé je vous l'accorde. Bon film à tous ...

ZLRC SG-906 beast - Review Test Démo - Pas mal ... Mais pas simple ! (37 min 46 sec)

NOTATAZ : 16/20 Y a du taf pour tout capter !!! lol

Niveau : Débutants et Confirmés
Les + : Puissant et Souple, Réactif, Précis, Très bonne autonomie, Bonne portée radio et vidéo, Nombreux modes de vol, Photos correctes...
Les - : Modes de vol un peu complexes à utiliser, Pas mal de jello sur la vidéo, résolution moyenne (à voir avec moins de vent )...

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaîne avec un don :

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens...Continue Reading
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C'est mon 1er Live alors soyez indulgents

Mon 1er Live sur Youtube ! BANGGOOD fête l'été ... (2 hr 13 min 34 sec)

Pour supporter le Live :

- TOUTES LES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD Juillet 2019 (remis à jour régulièrement, gardez ce lien en favori ou raccourci pour vos achats sur Banggood ) :


- Creality 3D® Ender-3 Pro (PROMO DU 2 AU 12/7) entrepôt UK, livré sous 8 jours 177€ + 20€ :
- DJI OSMO ACTION (coupon BGtk85OSMO ) 279.00€ DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- FIMI X8 SE ( COUPON BGFIMIX8SE409 ) 364.89€ -15% DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- Eachine EV200D ( En Promo du 9 au 12 Juillet ) 243.00€ :
- MINI TS100 Soudure ( COUPON BGtk85mini100 ) 34.45€ DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- 12 in 1 TS100 Soudure ( COUPON BGtk85ts100 ) 98.40€ DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- Emax TinyhawkS F4 1-2S ( COUPON BGtk85emax ) 77.65€ -12% DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- GEPRC CinePro 4K HD 3-4S ( COUPON BGtk85Cine ) 208.90€ -12% DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- Volantex 767-2 Ranger 750 RTF ( COUPON BGtk85VLT) 99,57€ -20% DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- 525 GPS Positioning Brushless ( COUPON BGtk85525 ) 156,47€ -20% DU 9 au 12 JUILLET :
- ZD Racing MT8 Pirates3 1/8 ( COUPON...Continue Reading
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it seems that many people are talking about cinewhoop,and many factories in China are producing cinewhoop FPV Drones
but what cinewhoop means ?
As far as I am concerned,cinewhoop is a frame kit that can carry a Camera like GoPro Hero 7
like these drones ?
Posted by old4570 | Jul 13, 2019 @ 12:08 AM | 2,990 Views

If you have been looking for FF foam gliders for projects ?
Then it looks like has some that might be interesting to look at .
I just ordered 2 of the ones pictured . 1m Span for under $10USD

Hmmm , budget RC goodness !

Here is a link to all the Gliders that might be interesting

Posted by **neons** | Jul 12, 2019 @ 08:53 PM | 3,343 Views
During the peak winter month of February I decided to put a boat model together. I wanted to build it on a counter in my living room to take a break from the daily garage shop routine of repairing and retro fitting RC planes for awhile. Being a small model I could keep my work isolated to a small area. This thread here was just going to be a short time build originally just to make a display example of a general post war tugboat example. I am not concerned about making the exact tugboat Despatch N.S.

So a bell went off while I was priming the parts and looking over the instructions, The house structure ends up in one piece and fits to the deck snug over a coaming. Hmmn!! I think I can actually find room in here to make a display model and a second life as an RC watercraft. Today's electronics are so advanced. They are small and used in cars and toys along with indoor aircraft that we fly in schools and halls during the winter. I always had interest in boats. I built my first wood Comet kit sloop in 1954 at 10yoa. I have experienced 22 years of service on tugboat and other commercial oil movement vessels. I also gained an extensive USCG license some years ago before I left.. I spent 25 years on my own sail vessels and power operation also with my family. The experience also helps my modeling abilities. I still have my Exxon Empire State hat and Manager jacket here in this recent photo. 32 plus years later.

Thread Post Here Also:
Posted by Dave Eichstedt | Jul 12, 2019 @ 05:44 PM | 3,160 Views
At long last, the Beaver kits are on the water, arriving early August!

The website is now live at:

We have turned on ordering for the kit itself so that folks can backorder now that we have a definite delivery time frame. There are no special deals for backordering, just that we'll send out your kit as soon as the stock arrives.

Thanks for hanging with us through this looooooong process!

Posted by TMacFPV | Jul 12, 2019 @ 04:23 PM | 3,159 Views
FLEXRC COLUGO! Today we build out one of the (I not, THE) most versatile 3 inch Freestyle Micro FPV Quadcopter Frames currently on the market, the FlexRC Colugo! For those of you not familiar with the term “Colugo” it is also known as a Flying Lemur. These small, furry, tree-dwelling mammals have a webbed membrane which stretches from its face to its toes to its tail enabling it to glide over 200 feet between trees! Build one of these Micro FPV 3 inch Quadcopters yourself and find out how easy and fun it is to hit some of those tree gaps! Are you ready to "Colugo?!?"

Posted by Lynxman | Jul 12, 2019 @ 01:25 PM | 3,082 Views
Here's a list of my big 3D printable jet build threads:


Mir 25 Boxfat:


My threads for my smaller 3D printable airplane designs:

Melusine motor/EDF/FPV/bird glider:

Nucking Futs Pylon Racer:

Itty bitty C-130 Hercules:

1:32 scale C-130 Hercules:

Twerk fun flyer:

Pilot baby - Vintage design:

My 3D printable car design threads:

MK Ultra - 4WD high end buggy:

Ursa - 1:12 Monster truck:

Lynx - Experimental buggy:
Posted by solentlife | Jul 12, 2019 @ 03:56 AM | 3,713 Views
Despite representation and links to the offending - I am still penalised even though I am the victim.

I also seem to have had my Blog altered !!

Seems "Cause and Effect" has no value here.
Posted by steve wenban | Jul 12, 2019 @ 02:21 AM | 3,478 Views
Got 9 weeks to get this done
Posted by Blaze0021 | Jul 12, 2019 @ 12:34 AM | 2,624 Views
"This flight is dedicated to the one who carries my friendship, my heart, and my loyalty."

In 1080p 60fps - This is the 4S Performance Flight of my Durafly Seafire Mk.IIb 1.1m Wingspan PNP. (Click SHOW MORE for additional info).

Durafly Supermarine Seafire Mk.IIb 1.1m 4S Performance Flight (5 min 36 sec)

My Durafly Supermarine Seafire is completely stock, with the exception of the Callie Graphics Custom Name Decals. Powered by a Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C lipo, weighing in at 243 grams. The CG was measured between 65mm-69mm from the leading edge of the main wing at the root. Flight Timer was set to 4:00 minutes. Flown with a Spektrum DX8 G2 Transmitter and using a Lemon RX "LM033" DSMX 7-Channel Stabilizer / Receiver.


Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
Receiver: Lemon Rx DSMX 7-Channel Diversity Stabilizer / Receiver (LM0033)
Gain Settings: Aileron 9:00 O'Clock, Rudder 9:30 O'Clock, Elevator 10 O'Clock
Master Gain Setting: +20
Rates Used: Aileron 100% / 24% Expo, Elevator 100% / 30% Expo, Rudder 100% / 8% Expo
Control Horn Hole: Aileron Innermost Hole, Rudder Outermost Hole, Elevator Outermost Hole
Flap System: Mid 55% / Full 95%
Battery: Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C (243 grams)
Throttle Timer: 4 Minutes
Lipo Final Voltage: 15.28 Volts out of 16.80 Volts (39%)

Music: "Daredevil" Metal Remix - Ace Combat 7 - Vincent Moretto
Camera: iPhone X at 1080P / 60 FPS
Cameraman: Mike "Deuces Wild"...Continue Reading
Posted by Fossifuel_fpv | Jul 12, 2019 @ 12:00 AM | 2,492 Views
After several hours of troubleshooting with no luck I'm on this thread looking for any help with you need my transmitter to react in the reciever tab and modes tab in Betaflight 10.4.0 with a new XM + receiver. I'm a noobs who needs some great minds to problem this one with me! Been on this now going on a week. Any help or suggestions much appreciated! Ty!
(FC) Holybro Kakute F4V2. 1
(ESC) Lumenier BlHeli_32 (35A x 4)
(VTX) Holybro Atlatl -HV V2.2
Posted by Marshallfpb | Jul 11, 2019 @ 10:13 PM | 2,475 Views
So I got this controller cause my ohmnibus f4 pro v3 fried and I want to hook it up to my Maytek power hub but the issues is it has nothing but plug ins and no where to solder like the esc signal wires go to a jst plug in which would be nice for a 4 in 1 eas bylut i have seperate and also it has a sbus pin out but it says to solder any other rx to the uart 1 port but the issue is there is no 5v power pad there or anywhere I just need help please help me I just want to be in the air
Thank you
Posted by Julisson | Jul 11, 2019 @ 09:18 PM | 2,468 Views
Hello, does anyone know generic brands of receivers for Futaba 6EX 2.4ghz.
Like, I’ve seen orange (hobbyking) but not sure if they are trustworthy.

Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Jul 11, 2019 @ 08:59 PM | 2,415 Views
Parrot ANAFI Flight Plan Setup Tutorial | Episode 4 (Part 1) (16 min 47 sec)

In Part 1 I show how to create a flight plan step-by-step.