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Posted by HybridDrone | Jul 11, 2019 @ 08:00 AM | 2,829 Views
Want to build solar drone SolarDrone

want to buy SolarDrone solar drone

Let me know opinion, your experiences with building solar drone SolarDrone
Posted by HybridDrone | Nov 21, 2017 @ 11:19 AM | 3,948 Views
Building Aquaskipper based world's lightest Hydrofoil Moth


some images from Bing


since I plan to build ultralight moth, my project is based on
Aqua skipper,Water Bird,Water Vehicle, Aquaskipper,Waterbird,Pumpabike,Water Scooter,Sea Scooter (different name for the same)


You are free to join the team.

Small budget provided.

Public funding planned.

Let me know your opinion

Posted by HybridDrone | Nov 21, 2017 @ 11:14 AM | 1,177 Views
I try to build rc moth.

some images from Bing


since I plan to build ultralight moth, my project is based on
Aqua skipper,Water Bird,Water Vehicle, Aquaskipper,Waterbird,Pumpabike,Water Scooter,Sea Scooter (different name for the same)

Posted by HybridDrone | May 23, 2016 @ 06:26 PM | 4,838 Views

I Want To Build or Buy a Raft to Live on It

I would prefer plastic over metal (steel) barrels

Let me know your experience and your price, costs.

The problem is I get Ts of visits and not a single real reply.

Since I don't know what communication problems make it so hard to get any response by a human
please just email me directly if reply via this web page is highly complicated.

First I need to build a model of RC Raft to test vector propellers (electric motors).

thank you

[email protected]

look for some examples




Posted by HybridDrone | May 14, 2016 @ 06:40 PM | 5,392 Views

as Drone Crash Investigators we study drone flight pre-crash data
to find out if drone pilot is or is not at fault.

I have studied 100++ Pixhawk, APM drone crash cases
since I get all log files via the Internet and use a number of professional tools to open data, generate tens, hundreds of plots, studying time correlations and more.

I would greatly appreciate if you could refer me to DJI flight data analysis tools.

There is a number of discussions threads and some links are not active

Pulling Data from DJI .dat log files to Matlab.


1. How to download DJI Data Viewer for Windows ?
download link is missing or is not valid

2. Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 .DAT file to CSV conversion

I need stand-alone run application, converter since I cannot send private
drone flight data to third party service for analysis since I don't have any control over the data.

Here is what is included in the output:

Latitude (Deg)
Longitude (Deg)
GPS Altitude (m)
N Velocity (m/s)
E Velocity (m/s)
D Velocity (m/s)
Velocity (m/s)
Ground Speed (m/s)
Accelerometer X (g)
Accelerometer Y (g)
Accelerometer Z (g)
GyroX (rad/s)
GyroY (rad/s)
GyroZ (rad/s)
Barometric Alt (m)
Quaternion X
Quaternion Y
Quaternion Z
Quaternion W
Roll (deg)
Pitch (deg)
Yaw (deg)
Magnetic X
Magnetic Y
Magnetic Z





I exactly need Mission Planner drone flight analysis tools coming with Pixhawk, APM

Is DJI Data Viewer still available for download ?

If yes, please provide me with a valid download link since a number of temporary download links stopped to work.

thank you

Global Drone Crash Investigators
[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | May 01, 2016 @ 03:03 PM | 7,220 Views

I need to buy used (no airworthiness) rc paramotors, gliders, parachutes
to cut them into pieces and build 1-5m size wings for RC paramotors.

Let me know your opinion.

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Apr 12, 2016 @ 07:53 PM | 4,872 Views
Open Technology Park

would like to announce 2016 Top Global High-Tech Project
in delivering packages weighting up to 100kg to customers, companies
via network of fully autonomous self-flying
Powered Paraglider Drones
remotely controlled
via Ground Control Station
and ParagliderPilot software

Autonomous take-off and landing

We plan to build 100 Powered Paraglider Drones in 2016
and rise 1M Euro soon
and build 100,000 Self-flying Autonomous Powered Paraglider Drones
till 2020.

Autonomous self-flying Powered Paraglider Drones can serve
as AirTaxi as well as AirCargoTruck
delivering goods in rural regions to remote locations.

Self take-off technology has been developed to let
ParagliderTaxi or ParagliderTruck to get back to home.

Project funded via Kickstarter, private and public funding, high-tech innovation investment funds.

First 10 prototypes of the Powered Paraglider Drones to be delivered
at 100,000 Euro a piece within next few months.

If mass manufactured retail price can drop to 10,000 Euro.

Please let me know your opinion and your interest.

Project is open and sponsored by Open Technology Park.
You are welcome to join the project.

best regards,

Self-Flying Powered Paraglider Drone

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Drone Airthworthiness Testing

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Apr 02, 2016 @ 11:14 AM | 4,898 Views

we are setting up service and support for
Drone Airthworthiness Testing (too early for certification)
based on airthworthiness testing standards set by AMA, FAA and other organisations.

Since supporrt and service is provided on-line, remotely,
we need to work out set of standards based on official standards for airworthiness testing and examination in case of aircraft, since as of December 2015, what you fly in US under the name of a Drone, has been renamed to "Aircraft" under legislation by FAA.

Since you represent different legislations on personal drone aircraft airworthiness testing, certification, I would greatly appreciate your opinion and inputs on what should be tested and under what aircraft airthworthiness standard.

thank you

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Mar 28, 2016 @ 04:12 PM | 5,038 Views
I am providing Pixhawk APM drone crash analysis
based on log files, telemetry logs and personal talks.

Do you know other forum for Pixhawk APM users ?

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Mar 25, 2016 @ 07:16 PM | 4,951 Views

you are welcome to join
Pigeon Camera Drone Project
sponsored by
Open Technology Park
and Open Fabrication Labs

Pigeon Camera Drone Project
lunched following the success of Pigeon Air Patrol Project
by Romain Lacombe

and following the success of Camera Eagle by
Jacques-Olivier Travers

Looking for tiny, powerful cameras with built-in battery and microSD
video recording

You are welcome to join Pigeon Camera Drone Project

best regards,

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Labs
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Mar 17, 2016 @ 08:18 PM | 4,584 Views

I would like to invite you to join the Open Technology Park
to implement new global quality and safety standard and mark
"Drone Certified Part" Mark and Certificate
to let hobbyists to select and purchase
"Drone Certified" marked Parts on,
pretested by a manufacturer, by beta testers

to get a pilot exempted from compensation claims in case of
safely operating, piloting DIY drone assembled correctly from
"Drone Certified" parts, crashed due to failure to some parts, sensor, drone controller or firmware bug.

Please let me know your opinion.

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Mar 11, 2016 @ 03:15 PM | 4,789 Views

I manage Open Technology Park (OpenTechnologyPark) sponsored by

Open Fabrication Lab (OpenFabLab) and Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

to study every Drone crash incident,

every unusual behavior of your drone:

drone fly-away syndrome,

drone altitude lost

drone uncontrolled altitude jumping,

vibrations of airframe affecting IMU Acce, Gyro sensors,

resonant vibrations of airframe of your drone,

We plan to study every drone problem known or reported to us.

We can study Pixhawk log files in quick time

If you have any questions please reply or email me directly.

Already 100+ Drone Fly-away Syndrome cases reported and studied

You are free to join Open Technology Park with your projects, technology
requests and offers.

best regards,

Open Technology Park
Open Fabrication Lab
Peer To Drone Crash Investigators

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 26, 2016 @ 06:01 PM | 4,935 Views
I am developing smart, portable, semi-flexible solar chargers for
RC DIY fans and would like to know your opinion and response
if you are looking for any specific type of solar charger, size, power and voltage output.

I am highly flexible since need to make progress with Pending FabLab (Fabrication Lab).

I can laminate solar cells on semi-flexible substrate (transparent, white or black or more options on request) and set output to your needs, if any.

4 solar cell based solar charger can have 12W or 16W rated output sinc e
it depends of the size of used solar cells and their efficiency.

Laminated solar chargers are waterproof, lightweight and fit backpack.

Any type of connectors can be attached - USB, jack or direct + / - poles.

Output voltage can be preset or regulated to meet your needs : 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V,
15V, 20V - every option is possible.

You can use solar charger on a boat, affix it to your fixed wind plane, rover,
put on roof of your camping van.

If demand for portable solar chargers 5W, 8W, 12W, 16W, 20W, 24W
is verified, I would like to start Portable Solar Charger project at Kickstarter.

Let me know if you are satisfied with pricing of portable solar chargers offered
on the Internet and how much can I charge to make such portable solar chargers
popular and affordable to everyone.

I am buying solar chargers, garden solar lamps in large quantity to test every portable solar product available on the market, to learn a lot from others.

At Pending FabLab (Fabrication Lab) we plan to develop branded solar chargers (prototypes) on request.

Thank you for your attention and please let me know your opinion.

Pending FabLab
[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 22, 2016 @ 06:19 PM | 5,169 Views


are all R&D Projects sponsored by Virtual Fabrications Labs (Virtual FabLab)

You can join Virtual FabLab as a developer, fan, company, university or just an individual.

Under new legislations enacted in US, Canada, Europe, Asia,
you are required to register your small model drone.

Following a number of attemps to equiop your drone with radio transponder
to let your drone to be seen on maps via FlightRadar24

DroneRadar24 R&D Project is entirely Internet based solution integrating
3G modem based live geolocation tracking with mapping systems like Google Maps, Google Earth and other systems.

3G modem can be installed on your drone to send geolocation of GPS unit installed on your drone or GPS geolocation data can be downloaded to your
Ground Control Station and then sent to web server via 3G/LTE modem or WiFi Internet connection.

Exactly as we geolocate now motor vehicles on highways, our drones will be
geolocated via Google Maps in real-time.

One option is to my drone tracking public and another is to make drone tracking private.

Since FlightRadar24 service is public and open, I opt for public DroneRadar24

Please let me know your opinion.

I would like to fund DroneRadar24 via Kickstarter to rise a small budget to buy Internet link, server in the cloud and pay admin and small team of volunteers
responding to questions and requests.

To survive we need small budget made of donations, if any.

It would be nice for every drone pilot to watch other drones flown around in his/ her region.

This project is sponsored by Peer To Drone Crash Investigators.

Please let me know your opinion.

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 17, 2016 @ 07:47 PM | 5,650 Views

my friend would like to develop remotely operated ROV Patrol Boat or Catamaran, equipped with marine radar and sonar to supervise shellfish farms at night.

Are you aware of alike project ?

Patrol Boat or Catamaran should be 3m or up in length to handle all the equipment.

Radar imaginery should be radio, WiFi , 3G/LTE transmitted to the ground
control point.

Sonar should be remotely operated and image saved to SD card as well as wirelessly transmitted to control point.

Gas jet motor or electric powered.

Since such patrol boat operated at night should not generate noise, vibrations, I have suggested electric motor (2 electric motors for drive and to replace rudder).

This ROV boar should be operated in the lagoonas and water depth could be as low as 50cm so I have suggested airboat but it is very noisy in the Florida's Evergreen.

I would welcome your suggestions, remarks.
If you are aware of alike project please provide me with some links.

Generally speaking, what should be developed is
self-floating radar, sonar on a ROV boat and data should be accessed remotely.

ROV Patrol Boat should be operated 24h but special attention is paid to operations at night in the lagoons.

thank you

Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 08, 2016 @ 04:24 PM | 5,871 Views

I would like to develop high-precision all-software RTK assisted GPS
RTK AGPS based on RTKLib.

I live now on Android tablet and RTKLib supports MS Windows.

I have downloaded RTKLibsample, extracted and rtcm3 stream file
is binary.

RTKNAVI app can parse rtcm3 against timestamped GPS stream
to generate RTKPLOT

I would like to receive live RTK corrections via NTRIP NCaster selected ground station as first data stream
and GPS resolved NMEA sentences GGA - as another stream
parsed real-time by RTKPLOT

Since RTK rtcm3 is binary format, I am looking for paser, editor
to view RTK data alone.

Since all-software RTK GPS solution is based on generic GPS receiver ( no radio input) I would like data post-processing be done all-software (Android tablet, smartphone).

Please let me know limitations of such approach, if any.

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 05, 2016 @ 07:34 PM | 5,062 Views

large number of Drone topographical survey for agriculture projects failed due to low-precision GPS installed on commercial drone.

What have we done wrong - is the first question.

recent message from manager of one large-scale agriculture project
We are developing a large-scale agriculture project in Nigeria (5,000ha) and started to use drones to survey and map topography.
The intention was then to use the Digital Elevation Model for irrigation planning and design. However, when we post processed the images we got very large x y z errors - please see the photos below.
1. Could anyone tell us where we have done wrong? Can we correct NOW (after the aerial survey)?"

Ok, if you are using low-precision GPS on your drone yopu may have expended
to get problems, since your drone set to fly AltHold in Mission Planner
flies ups and downs, so geotagged imaginery is not fit for post processing.

I am developing concept of high-precision GPS based on rtcm ntrip streams
to set up fixed Ground Control Point and use this geolocated point to receive
GPS data from a standard GPS/GLONAS, calculate diff and RTK corrections
and feed them over radio to GPS unit installed in the drone to correct
mobile GPS data.

Since either GPS data streams get clocked at the same frequency 1Hz to 50Hz,
timestamped, all I need is to correct mobile GPS on the drone to keep autopilot
in AltHold mode, visually verified with glasses ( 3D multi point triangulation).

...Continue Reading
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 03, 2016 @ 03:20 PM | 5,757 Views

I have contacted Frank M. Rinderknecht about his self-driving Rinspeed ETOS car, featuring personal drone, landing on the heck of ETOS car.

Frank is busy with Rinspeed ETOS car presentation preparations at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

So I would like to perform a number of tests
with a drone landing on a moving platform, on top of a slow moving car.

Please let me know previous experience and interest in this Challenge.

Test No.1
Guided Drone Landing on a top of a parked car
Test No.2
Guided Drone Landing on a top of a slow moving car

Test No.3
FollowMe, Region of Interest, autonomous landing

Test No.4
Fully autonomous drone landing on a top of a slow moving car

Please let me know if you would be interested to have this feature implemented into your business drone.

Mind Controlled Drone
Pizza Delivery Drone
by Hybrid Drone Factory

[email protected]
Posted by HybridDrone | Jan 02, 2016 @ 11:00 AM | 5,039 Views

developed mind controlled drone (small model drone).
Interested to get project funded via Kickstarter.
Could you help me to promote Mind Controlled Drone Project via Kickstarter,
basing on your experience.

Please tell me what features are you interested in to be extra developed.

No mechanical parts, Wireless Mind Controlled System to work
with RC models, TV, Radio, Computer, Home Automation Systems,
almost unlimited scope of applications.

Mind Controlled Systems
[email protected]