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Posted by Ashade | Sep 05, 2018 @ 01:51 AM | 6,067 Views
In the past, I've customized the modules to my Headplay, the problem with this is... well... very obviously... it is a hassle to replace... That is why I decided to go this route: To be able to easily replace modules on the go, futureproofing the goggles to eventual updates or changes to other frequencies. This CAD design emulates the bay of a FatShark Dominator HDX, slightly tilted forward, and with a more adequate profile to fit my goggles. The idea is to update it in the future to include a PCB with AUX exit, audio volume control, maybe an intermediate OSD to show voltage and maybe RSSI, and external buttons to control the module. Dock king style but better done! Enjoy!!

Module bay screenshot.

Headplay mockup plus bay for reference:

Front view detail with ImmersionRC RapidFire module:

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Posted by Ashade | Sep 05, 2018 @ 01:36 AM | 3,893 Views
What you need:
- STL files.
- A set of Micro JST Molex Picoblade connectos. 1.25mm pitch.
- A couple of switches. Whatever will make you happy when you put them in the Headplays.
- A bunch of 32AWG or smaller gauge silicon wire.
- A dremel.
- A 40W+ temperature regulated soldering iron.
- Lots of patience.

The final result:

The module ready to be dissected:

Modules separated:
- Use a dremel to cut the pins and pull the modules apart. Don't use pliers, you will very likely rip a pad apart.
- Desolder the antennas. Make sure to use a broad tip, and wet with solder all the pads at the same time. 450-500C in a 40W should do the trick in under 1min.

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