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Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 27, 2017 @ 10:01 PM | 7,452 Views
Shortened the nose by an inch and moved the battery back up under the wing...bottom hatch......no ballast required to get to CG......painting her now

Here's the video:
A 7 Rev 1 Maiden (3 min 37 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 15, 2017 @ 09:03 AM | 6,692 Views
Flew her 5 times yesterday morning.....broke a prop and replaced it with one I had in the box.....unfortunately it wasn't balanced. Vibration caused the canopy to rattle off...However, she's a beast.....fast and maneuverable......this variant is nose heavy, even with an extra 6 ounces of lead in her tail. I'm going to build her again with a CF spinner, relocate the battery up under the wing to move the CG even farther back, and put the access hatches on the bottom of the fuse. The full length ailerons worked perfectly....help counteract the torque roll of that big power 15 on the front......It looks like I can cut close to 8 ounces out of this airframe (lead and spinner) which will reduce the AUW to right at 40 ounces.......

A 7 (0 min 43 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Jan 10, 2017 @ 12:32 PM | 7,693 Views
I've been on a "simplify" kick lately...here's the latest......gonna build her this week.....

She's being painted now........Note, the let in work is the most time consuming, but the rest of the airplane went together like a kit

Update: She was underpowered or under propped...turned downwind and her butt fell out of the sky..stalled and went in hard...probably need to cut a foam core wing next time ( S-7036 or a 9% Clark-Y).the KF-2 airfoil didn't provide enough low speed lift...I'll build her again