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Posted by Kerni | Mar 28, 2019 @ 03:22 AM | 3,926 Views
First of all yes I know the only right way to discharge a lipo is to fly it.

But sometimes it can happen that due to bad weather or stress at work and or with the family and so on, you have full lipos and now you have to find a way to unload, and I finally found a solution that seems good to me and that for less than 25dollars!
This will be an ongoing tutorial, so this is only the first try and I will update it as often as possible.

Video of the tool and how the mod is built and works.
Discharge Lipo Battery to storage URUAV DIY HACK (8 min 54 sec)

1. Description of the Tool URUAV Lipo Killer Discharger
2. How to Hack/Improve the Discharge time - Description
3. What to you need for the mod
3a. How to Build
4. Danger and Saefty
5. How to Discharge a Lipo Battery for disposal

1. Description of the Tool URUAV Lipo Killer Discharger

So let's start this little tool the URUAVUR4 Lipo Killer Discharger
You can find it on Banggod link for about $6.80 in flash deal for the next few days. NO AFL link

The tool has two functions, the XT60 on the right is a 0 Volt Discharger this is useful for half-dead lipos after a crash and you want to discharge this 0 before you can put it in the trash. (it takes about 24 hours)

The balance plug on the other side is the 4.0 to 3.0 Volt Balance Discharger 1-6S.
Yes, you read correctly that it balances the cells and this is one of the great...Continue Reading
Posted by Kerni | Jan 26, 2017 @ 02:55 AM | 12,589 Views
I have original created this Tutorial on but maybe it is here also useful.

DSHOT the new star on the BLHeli_s ESC Protokollīs

This is/was my first how to so please forgive me some mistakes and typos I will update the post when something change.

I will here go Step by Step trough the Setup of Dshot

When you think hmm dshot can i eat that or what is that than give Oscars Overview a read he did a really good comparison between the different ESC Protocols!
Oscars ESC Protocols Overview

For your own testing and building you need

an supported F3 or F4 flight controller (FC)
and supported Blheli_S ESC more of that in the hardware section

In my Example i use a CC3D Revo F4 Clone from Banggood referral Link
and DYS XS30A ESC also from Banggood referral link

I made a full video step by step of the steps below!

Betaflight 3.1.0 and Dshot Step by Step "Crashairline FPV" (14 min 21 sec)

1. Let's start
2. Flash FC & ESC
2.a after flashing FC Firmware
2.b ESC flashing
3. Setting Min Throttle with Dshot
4. Warning!
5. All needed Software Links!
6. Hardware i have tested so far with dshot
7. Flight Videoīs

1. Let's start

So first of all give the Betaflight, and DSHOT WIKI a read! You find it here [b]Betaflight Wiki
DShot Wiki


When you confirmed that you have one of the almost supported FC and ESC you can go to the next steps. (when your FC or ESC is not here check the wiki...Continue Reading
Posted by Kerni | Sep 22, 2015 @ 07:21 AM | 4,335 Views
here you can find my Youtube Channel, I have startet with fpv flying in summer 2014 and have a lot of fun while lerning every day new stuff
FPV Compilation 2018 | Drone Long Range flying | ⁴k Cinematic (3 min 40 sec) KerniFPV