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Posted by maverick06 | Feb 16, 2016 @ 08:53 PM | 3,812 Views
I have always been looking for a nice flood light. I have a stack of throwing lights, but they are always a bit annoying to use inside, even with a cieling bounce its not a "comfortable" light for me.

Pallet wood
G4 5W 580-Lumen 102 SMD DC 12V
3x 18650 holders
3x 18650 batteries
rocker switch
Mini Red LED Panel Voltage Meter
some nails
some screws
wood glue

I do not have pictures of the inside, but all that is there are the batteries and wiring, nothing exciting.

The light was built from just pallet wood , intentionally rough looking. I wanted it to look like sort of like an old candle holder, but with an LED. The wood is all cut to size, and nailed. The two screws and wing nuts are what holds the back on, pull them out and the back comes off, to change the battery.

I am somewhat concerned over how well the handle will hold on, but so far so good. I was able to glue it in place, and put 3 18 gauge nails in the top and bottom portions. Then I added the support brackets to top and bottom and glued it all together. It is all very tight, we will see how it hold up.

I am very pleased with the way it feels, and how it throws light everywhere. Its a very nice "walking around the house light" Clearly it does a great job lighting up the room too.

Figured it might inspire some to build something similar. Total cost: $4 (light and meter, rest was laying around). Its a matter of taste, but to me, this is very functional, and...Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Nov 16, 2014 @ 03:12 PM | 4,917 Views
For sale: 199.5 Jetta TDI

I am selling my jetta, I dont really want to sell it, but have to. I need an automatic transmission for my wife, and some extra space for the kids, so I have to replace this one. A bit sad to see her go. Looking to replace it in december, but could change if needed.

The car:

199.5 new body Jetta TDI manual transmission

193,000 miles currently, but it is my daily driver, so that will slowly be going up.

It isnt a new car, its isnt even remotely in concourse condition, but it iis in very good mechanical condition. I use it all the time, and have no concern taking it on big road trips.

It was bought used in 01 with 72k miles on it by a family member. I bought it from the family member in 09. I have a full maintenance and gas log since 01. It has always been adult owned and driven. Over the last year I have averaged 52mpg.

The good:

The battery is only 2 years old

The glow plugs and harness are only a year old

car burns/leaks nothing, no oil nor coolant leak/burn.

All oil changes are done with mobil 1 full synthetic.

Last year both inner and outer CV joints on both sides have been replaced.

The spare is included, and is a full size with good tread on it.

The car is in mechanically very good condition, no expenses have been skimped on it mechanically. It is in good mechanical condition, to the best of my knowledge. I have no hesitation to do serious road trips to on it (i routinely do 300 mile trips)

...Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Dec 11, 2010 @ 01:27 PM | 5,557 Views
Just figured I would post a few pictures. I noticed that one of the firebricks in the back was cracked and appeared to be deteriorating. I ordered rutland bricks from Ace hardware (about $18 for 6 bricks). I had them shipped to the store since thats free and showed up in 2 days. I used my harbor freight wet tile say to cut the brick (it cut very easily! I really like the saw, works great. I have to make 4 cuts, half the length and half the thickness each time since the bricks were too thick to cut in one pass. )

Then It was pretty easy. I fired the stove overnight and by the morning ti was pretty cool (still a few coals) emptied the stove (carefully since the coals were hot). The bottom bricks slid out easily. These pin the vertical brick in the back. It slid out and the new one slid into place. All the bottom bricks popped back in place easily (once the ash was cleaned out of the bottom).

I did notice that there was some play in the brick since the top wasn't tightly pinned in place. (The replacement brick was the same size as the original) Maybe that play was always there and I didnt notice it. Regardless, I felt like the brick should not be able to flop back and forth, so I Made a little metal clip that slid into place to hold it in position. I also figure as the gaps get plugged up with ash it will lock everything into place.

Very easy. All the work, cutting the brick, making the clip, cleaning the stove and all took a bit under 2 hours. Glad I did it...Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Mar 06, 2010 @ 08:50 PM | 6,215 Views
Pictures of my new honeywell 2000i generator... and the broken item in it (assume its the air filter, just upstream of the carb........Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Feb 16, 2010 @ 08:52 AM | 6,158 Views
places visited
Posted by maverick06 | Jul 25, 2009 @ 07:34 PM | 6,638 Views
Decided to start working on the blog thing here a bit more.

Today I finished welding the landing gear for my Regal Bipe . The landing gear is removable. It is made from marker flags, that I bought at ace hardware. This was welded with a pretty basic flux core mig welder: I managed to get it on sale and with a coupon for about $80.

The landing gear just slides over the wing and then i put a piece of packing tape over it to securily hold it in place. And it all looks pretty good.

Oh, The yellow flag you see there is the marker flag that the wire came from, I decided to weld that there, the flag is a good size and material and sounds pretty good as it flaps in the wind.

Posted by maverick06 | Oct 21, 2008 @ 09:46 AM | 6,872 Views
I am sitting at my desk, on cup 5 of coffee today (today it is because it is delicious, not because i am tired, even though i am)... rocking out to the Offspring. Getting some work done. As far as Tuesday's go, this isnt too bad...

I have also thought about it and realized that probably 98.5% of the people reading this are dudes... and the dudes are probably 60% retired, 30% college age or younger, and 10% between college and retirement... thats the thought of the day.

Hope your coffee is as delicious as mine...

Posted by maverick06 | Oct 08, 2008 @ 07:45 AM | 6,679 Views
I have the gyros working.
all details here:

take a look, pitch and roll stabilized. test flight in 3 hours.
Posted by maverick06 | Oct 02, 2008 @ 01:32 PM | 7,834 Views
I have flown many aircraft before. I recently built my first pusher prop jet aircraft, the x-41 (here: ). This was a great plane, and by “great” I mean “fast”. At slow speed it had a wing wobble and was very pitch sensitive. Its glide was terrible (maybe bad cg). After a bad hand launch and extra stupidity, I demolished the plane.

I built a catapult launcher to solve the poor hand launch.

I have now built a F-14. This was based on the YAP F-14 (yet another profile F-14). I took the plans (here: ) and enlarged them, then boxed out the engines and the forward fuselage. I also added a good bit of reinforcement with wood. She currently has a wingspan of about 23" and a length of about 33" and has an estimated top speed of about 83mph. This would result in a scale speed of 1607mph, just a bit over the actual F-14 on afterburner.

wHowever, due to the similarity to the x-41 (delta – pusher) I expect similar low speed and pitch conditions. When I saw the magic done by Dave, a la RCSuperPowers with gyros (here: ). I knew that gyros were the way to go and solve, or at least mitigate my concerns. They would also help with the wind at my flying site (constant). The installation of gyro stabilizetion let me name this an F-14G

My setup is as follows:
Motor: BP 2212-6
Battery: Zippy 3...Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Sep 26, 2008 @ 10:44 AM | 7,049 Views
Posted by maverick06 | Sep 26, 2008 @ 10:38 AM | 7,195 Views
I am working on building a catapult launcher for a pusher jet. I have a good bit of learning to do. Here is an excerpt that I elsewhere regarding this. I was launching a no power system glider to test the system. It was built to get destroyed.

There were lots that went wrong today. it was very windy (but wanted to try), wrong pull and a few others. My list of things to change is:
1) use correct pull @10:1
2) use bent wire not screw for hook
3) enlarge the tow ring
4) increase the amount of string going to the towring (maybe).
5) no flying in 10mph constant / 18mph gusts on an untested system

For those interested i have higher quality mov files of the flights, but here are the google videos. Im teh higher resolution ones you can see the plane is attached to teh towling all the way to the ground on teh second (I was holdung up elevator the whole time). I am not sure if it passed the end of the bungee or not.

Any other ideas why it didnt go well and what else to fix?

first flight, little bumpy, worked great!

First catapult launch (0 min 18 sec)

second flight, didnt detach from the line, hit the ground, nose damaged bad

second catapult launch (0 min 8 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by maverick06 | Sep 05, 2008 @ 12:53 PM | 6,886 Views
my email is my first name then my last name (all one word) at