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Posted by RCflyerCT | Jun 16, 2013 @ 06:43 PM | 6,678 Views
Attached are some pictures of my new E-Bandit from the recent First in Flight jet event. This jet took me about 120 hours to build (had I been able to concentrate I could have probably done in 80, but I have 3 small kids that love to "help" when I am building). Detailed below are the specs of the jet:

Weight - 20lbs
Power - EVF 12s (puts out about 18lbs of thrust)
Batteries - 3 TP 4s 7700s
Gear - Electric "down and locked"
Receiver - AR12120 12-Channel DSMX X-Plus PowerSafe Receiver
Receiver battery - 2 Duralite LifePo 2100s
Flight Characteristics - fast and flys like a total dreamboat