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Posted by abenn | Feb 20, 2012 @ 02:42 PM | 19,612 Views
Since my last update I've been given a CMP Mustang kit which someone was throwing. It's designed for .60 to .90 power, but I've electrified it and added e-Flite electric retracts. Flies nicely

Yesterday I maidened my new T-Rex 550e 3Gx flybarless heli -- or tried to The 3Gx unit was moving the swash the wrong way for aileron corrections, and I couldn't figure at the field how to change it. Back home, another read of the manual, and a question in this forum, and it's now sorted. Just waiting for a replacement umbrella gear to come before it can fly again. Seems that's a sacrificial item that strips if the tail so much as touches a blade of grass.

Weather here has been very windy for the past year or so, irrespective of whether it's hot or cold, dry or wet. Most of my flying has been with my Twinstar II and my T-Rex 500, though my electrified Xtra Wot has had a couple of outings.
Posted by abenn | Oct 05, 2009 @ 02:36 AM | 21,364 Views
I've added a Plan-built depron F-14 swing-wing to the squadron It was completed a few months ago, but overheated its ESC/BEC when I extended the wings in preparation for its maiden take-off. This time the wing-swing servo has its own external BEC. The 5-minute maiden yesterday was very successful, though I felt the model needed some more roll response. I'd limited the travel of the tailerons so that their leading edges wouldn't extend below the fuselage but, as someone suggested, I can increase their throw to get more response, and then use the rates switch to limit their throw on landing (so they don't snag in the grass).

The Mosquito also had its maiden flight a couple of months ago. It had plenty of power, but was very twitchy, and its undercarriage legs collapsed during landing. I've now made a battery bay within the nose (it was in the cockpit before) to get the c of g forward a bit, and I've increased the undercarriage wire gauge. Also, removed some Solartex covering from rear surfaces (the model was originally going to be glow-powered) and replaced it with Solite in the interests of reducing weight and moving the c of g forward.
Posted by abenn | Jan 31, 2009 @ 03:39 AM | 22,002 Views
I've been flying model aircraft since 1985, when my wife bought me my first model -- a Pilot Stephens Acro That model has never successfully flown, and is now history.

I started properly when I joined Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society (www.lmas.org.uk) and put the gear from the Acro into a Hawk trainer. My models are/were as follows:-

Hawk .25 trainer -- retired long ago due to weight gain from repairs
Flair Pulsar .60 biplane -- crashed and retired long ago
Flair SE5A .48 4-stroke, later converted to e-power -- still flying
Schleppi 1.20 high-wing model -- crashed and retired long ago
Carl Goldberg Sukhoi SU26 previously 1.20 2-stroke; converted to electric in 2011
Chris Foss Xtra Wot previously with 1.20 engine; converted to electric in 2011
DB Sport & Scale 1/5 Piper Cub with .90 4-stroke, later converted to e-power -- still flying
SIG Liberty Sport with .60 engine, later converted to e-power -- still flying
DB Sport & Scale Tiger Moth, e-powered -- still flying
Kyosho Learjet with upgraded power system -- still flying
Flair Magnatilla with .48 4-stroke, later converted to e-power -- still flying
Multiplex Twinstar II with brushless motor conversion -- still flying
Plan-built Blackburn 1912, e-powered -- still flying
Plan-built DeHavilland Mosquito, e-powered -- not yet maidened
Plan-built DC3, e-powered -- several "maidens" and re-builds!
Plan-built depron F15, e-powered -- still flying
Depron Models F16, e-powered --...Continue Reading