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Posted by Late99 | Mar 28, 2016 @ 03:43 PM | 8,846 Views
I got hold of an old 3DHS Velox Revolution 47" which was had been laying in dirty garage for couple of years. It was clearly in a relatively bad shape. Functionally ok, but really dirty and with small dings here and there.

In this thread I will go through the overhaul of the plane and making it airworthy again. The plane should be a fine flyer, even though it's an old design. I hope it will make a great plane for one of my friends!


Motor: Torque 2818/900
ESC: Airboss Elite 45
Servos: 4 x Hitec HS-65MG
Propeller: To be decided (13x6?)
Batteries: 3S 2200mAh

Cleaning the plane

Velox had a lot of dust & dirt on it so first step was to get it a bit cleaner to properly assess the condition of the plane.

After wiping parts with a wet cloth it was evident that there was several places needing attention:
  • Several small holes in covering, some covered with painters tape (uhhuh, please use transparent packaging tape!)
  • Covering had wrinkles and lifting here and there
  • Cowling had few cracks
  • Tail wheel needed changing
  • Landing gear needed checking
Otherwise the airframe seemed intact and airworthy. So damage mostly is cosmetic and after paying some attention to it even hard to notice...