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Posted by Late99 | May 04, 2014 @ 04:03 PM | 5,051 Views
Strange week / weekend.

I first crashed friends FliteTest Raptor when the battery came of the plane during negative G maneuver. Then later on the same day I maidened my Depron EDF Fantrainer. It flew ok, but some trim or thrust angle issues were discovered. When preparing for landing it spin stalled and I didn't have time to do basically anything (or then I did all the wrong control movements making the situation worse). Total carnage. Electronics & lipo ok, but plane went to garbage bin.

Couple days later I flew second flight on FT Duster. When approaching for landing the plane lost power (ESC went off & started rebooting). Fortunately no serious damage: only slightly bent motor shaft and dismounted wing. And at about the same moment my friend crashed EPP Mustang (nose broken, not the first time).

I spent weekend debugging the electronics on FT Duster & building Puddle Twin 2. Battery used on Duster had plenty of power left, other components also ok, but the ESC (HobbyKing SS Series 25Amp) didn't want to turn the motor at all. Only thing it did was go to programming mode when adding throttle. I had two other similar ESCs and I tested them too. One of them was ok, but the other was bad somehow, too. Sometimes it started motor ok, but sometimes only made chirping noise. I tested this with several different motors and it's clearly an ESC problem. So far I've seen 50% failure rate with these ESCs (my friends is also running one and it's working fine so...Continue Reading